BlackBerry Ltd Classic Pre-order Stock Sold Out In America

BlackBerry Ltd Classic Pre-order Stock Sold Out In America
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB)’s shop has announced that the pre-order inventory of the yet-to-be released Classic has been sold out in North America, says a report from CrackBerry. The online shop is selling the Classic at $449, and the stock will be re-filled sometime in early January 2015, according to BlackBerry’s online shop. However, the BlackBerry Classic is still listed as in stock in the U.K., France and Germany.

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BlackBerry needs one big hit

The Canadian smartphone maker is trying to regain its lost position by integrating the popular keypad and trackpad features from its past devices into its new ones to lure corporate customers. BlackBerry is all set to launch its next smartphone in New York, Singapore and Frankfurt on Wednesday. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is confident the Classic will be a step ahead in popularity compared to the Passport, the company’s square-shaped smartphone. Brian Colello, an equity analyst at Morningstar Securities in Chicago, thinks the company needs just one out of two smartphones to be successful.

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He said, “One of these devices, the Passport or the Classic — and maybe it will be the Classic — needs to emerge as that front-end device that is in the customers’ hands.”

Chen hopes for big things from the Classic

Since Chen arrived at the helm of BlackBerry, he has been continuously working on a turnaround plan, and the Classic smartphone is one such step in his turnaround quest. After joining BlackBerry last year, Chen has channeled the company’s resources into the advancement of software, services and the needs of enterprise clients instead of uplifting its smartphone category (once dominated by BlackBerry), in a bid to become profitable in the next fiscal year.

The Canadian company is determined to increase its revenue two-fold to $500 million and generate $100 million in revenue from BlackBerry Messenger by the next fiscal year. However, to maintain cash inflows in the short-term and achieve profit, the company needs to earn revenue from flagship phones such as the Classic. Chen noted that to be profitable on hardware, BlackBerry needs to sell 10 million smartphones annually.

Work on the Passport was already underway when Chen entered the company as CEO, and he says the Classic is the aftereffect of feedback from customers.

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  1. well if the numbers are included that offered over $500.00 to switch from the Iphone, I consider that as misleading. That is not selling phones that is giving them away for free and should not be counted as sales.

  2. When you make only a few hundreds of phones they will sell out. Just wait for the actual numbers to come out. For now they are only trumpeting “sold out” without releasing sales figures.

  3. Ya, I’m sure they made just a few hundred phones….Good grief, you’re hilarious DEVVVV.
    John Chen said they’d make more than the Passport for the initial run (in case you missed it), so that means more than 200k. My guess is that they made 500k+ Classics in the initial run.

  4. Did it occur to you that perhaps Blackberry only allotted a few hundred as pre orders to give the illusion that things are looking good?? How can asking for a rain check (pre order) a phone be sold out?? are you stating that Blackberry is not accepting people ordering phones??? oh brother what a joke. I think Investors of Blackberry shares are totally getting sucked in again.

  5. I wonder how many were sold. I actually have one on preorder. Interestingly, I’m not a BB fanboy and this will be my first BB. As someone who has used smartphones since before iOS or Android were on the scene (mostly Palms in those days) I’ve become pretty disillusioned with the industry.

  6. I just thought of something..

    If I was doing business with someone and I saw this in their hands, I would think they’re more serious about business than if they had an iPhone or a Galaxy Note (the 2 most popular and expensive on the market at ~$900 each) or anything else.

    I think having a Blackberry still screams business professionalism and my advice to BB as a humble consumer would be to base their products on that.

    I would love to see this thing in Kevlar and brushed aluminum… ah, that would look so good.
    Also now you can make a fullscreen version of this but I don’t know if they’re capable of producing a top tier all-screen smartphone, including long battery life, thin bezels, top notch camera, etc. Their efforts so far have only been decent at best. I did play with a BB Z30 and I really did like it. Also the Android apps idea was genius and apparently it works (sounds like digital voodoo to me). The OS was super smooth and has some nice touches. The PlayBook was amazingly nice too and smooth (on a single core 1GHz processor even) but no one bought it… so we’ll wait and see.

    I like Android too much for personal use and I currently have a OnePlus One which is honestly epic in every way but if I did have a phone for business it would definitely be a Blackberry either Passport or this Classic one.

  7. If they’re for business use they are worth waiting for. A couple of months is not that long if you’re just replacing existing phones.

    The popular smartphones have nowhere near the same business focus and security peace of mind. It’s because iOS, Windows and Android catered to the average consumer, maybe tech savvy person for Android, and developed in a different way than what was needed for an effective business tool.

  8. BB Hub alone justifies waiting. Throw in Blend, and then there’s BES12 small business cloud services, it’s a no brainer if you want productive employees, BB10 is a communication beast.

  9. While there is be a demand for the phone. Unlike other companies,
    BB just cannot roll out phones and have the proper inventory. My company has 33
    corporate cell phones, we decided to wait for the new BB, however unlike others
    who let the public know who the carries are and have product available for a roll out, BB seems not to understand this. At this point, we are not going to wait till Mid January with
    the hopes it will be back in stock or that our carrier might have this. We are
    going with the I phone tomorrow. BB is going to blow this opportunity, seems
    they just do not get it? No wonder the comapny has pushed itself out of the market

  10. Sold out in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France.
    Seems many people have been waiting for a Classic Blackberry device running the Blackberry 10.3 OS.

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