Apple Shares New iPad Air 2 Ad [VIDEO]

Apple Shares New iPad Air 2 Ad [VIDEO]

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) recently shared another commerical video for the new iPad Air. The ad, which lasts about 60 seconds, is titled “Change is in the Air”. The commercial shows a variety of people using the iPad in different ways. Scenes include project management teams, people creating products for 3D printers, a person integrating the iPad into his motorcycle, some illustrating and placing a tattoo on someone’s body. The ad also features a song from an indie rock band.

Apple’s iPad Air ad highlights key apps

The advertisement also shows off a few apps including Post-It Plus, iStop Motion, AutoCAD360, Tayasui Sketches, Insa-GIF-ITI viewer, among others. The ad comes in two versions including a 60-second spot and 30-second spot

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Although the Apple iPad has declined in sales, it remains the best selling tablet computer on the market and it is for good reason. This device is easy to use and really transforms the entire computer experience. The iPad trumped the laptop. Instead of carrying a heavy laptop computer around, more people are opting to carry the lighter iPad instead. It helps that specialized iOS apps like Microsoft Office Suite and Garage Band have upped the device from a consumption device to a productivity tool.

iPad Air’s wide appeal

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s previous “What will your verse be?” ads demonstrate all the possibilities with the iPad. It can be used in many different settings including home, schools, medical centers, science laboratories, art studios, music studios, and more. This is a revolutionary computer which simplifies the entire experience and makes it more mobile.

The demand for mobile technology continues to grow and more consumers tend to use their smartphone as an everyday computing device. Tablets still have a purpose as people like to expand their mobile experience with a larger screen. A recent report from MacWorld indicates the iPad Mini. more specifically the iPad Mini with Retina display is one of the best-selling Apple tablets.

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