Twitter Inc Tweaks Its Look To Create A Facebook-Like Feel


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is losing on the competition between the social networking sites, and is struggling to increase user growth. The company is continuously making changes to its website, and it has tweaked the website design again to give Twitter a more Facebook-like look.

Twitter Inc Tweaks Its Look To Create A Facebook-Like Feel

Design tweak make it more like Facebook

The status bar now appears at the place where a tweet is composed by the user. This is located few inches away from the right-hand corner to the center of the page. This creates a look similar to that of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). With the change, it is more convenient for users as previously they had to navigate a bit to get to the status bar.

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This development is not all that surprising really, as the step is just another small step towards the morphing of the social networks into one streamlined digital existence, says a report from Gizmodo.

Earlier this year, we noticed a major change from Twitter in the way a profile appeared on the website. The cover photos of the profiles were stretched out, and this made them look exactly like Facebook profiles. A few other changes included filtering of feeds and allowing users to tweet photos. Later, tweeting of multiple photos was also allowed along with the “tag your friends” feature.

Facebook adopting some Twitter features

Facebook is also adding few features similar to that of Twitter (News Feed, for example).  Another recent change was the ‘newswire.’ A few major noticeable changes are the addition of hash-tags and trending topics just like on Twitter. Of note, the micro-blogging site acquired Vine while the social networker has Instagram Video.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) hopes that it will be able to attract more users if it makes tweeting easier, and theis recent design tweak is a step in that direction. A look similar to that of Facebook would help in lowering the entry barrier as well because people are already familiar with the look.

One of the few differences remaining between the two, according to the report, is that while Twitter asks its users ‘What’s Happening?”; Facebook asks ‘What’s on your mind?”

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