Twitter Inc Planning Big Changes To Lure Users And Investors

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) can introduce new features such as private tweet sharing, Timeline highlights and other ways to lure new users without ignoring its current users. The micro-blogging site has been working on such features for years now, but new tools such as in-line photos and a web profile design have not materialized until now.

Twitter Inc Planning Big Changes To Lure Users And Investors

Real-time videos of event

During the company’s analyst day, top management executives talked about their plans for the new version of Twitter. They stated that from next week on, users can share tweets and discuss them in direct messages, which is the first of many changes to be made in the platform.

According to Kevin Weil, vice president at Twitter, the company is working on a plan to increase the rate of future releases in the next year. Weil said that in early 2015 Twitter will also take up the role of “global town square” with video. Users will be able to shoot, edit and share videos directly in Twitter apps. Vine, which is the looping video app, has enabled the users to link their six-second videos in tweets, but there is no information if Twitter’s own video sharing feature will also limit the video time.

Christian Oestlian, another Twitter product VP, said during the Analyst Day presentation, “Imagine how events like the Arab Spring or local sporting events come to life when you can capture it in video and share it real time on Twitter.”

Twitter focusing to simplifying

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) wants to rebuild the confidence of the investors by offering users content creation tools and DM features. However, expansion of the user base and accelerating growth is also a priority. The company added only 13 million active users in the previous quarter, but over 500 million unique visitors visit the platform every month without logging into the service. They visit the link through net search and through tweets on the third-party sites, visiting celebrity profile pages or a single tweet they want to read before leaving the network again, but this not count.

For Twitter, it is of utmost significance to change this scenario; therefore, the is working on ways to make sign-in simpler. Users can now effortlessly find personalities to follow by just selecting interests and getting a recommendation from Twitter. Twitter is also working on location-based timelines in major metro areas.