Tesla Motors Inc Posts More Jobs For Gigafactory

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has posted more vacancies for its Reno facility as the construction of the gigafactory gets into full swing, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. The EV manufacturer listed its job vacancy on Indeed.com, which also listed the gigafactory jobs from Panasonic previously.

More vacancies from Tesla

Vacancies for two supply chain analysts, a purchasing manager and a senior purchasing analyst are mentioned on the portal for Tesla’s gigafactory. These new openings are not from the 28 gigafactory positions that were posted recently by Nevada JobConnect. According to JobConnect, some of these openings will be filled this month.

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A supply chain analyst would be assigned to the responsibility of purchasing, setting up new vendors, and entering as well as maintaining contracts. The purchasing manager and senior purchasing analyst will be responsible for developing business relationships, leading contract negotiations and executing best practices for strategic sourcing.

There are around 14 jobs as of now on Tesla Motors’ career page. Tesla is hiring for a building information modeling manager, environmental engineer, commodity manager, mechanical project engineer, health and safety manager, staff industrial engineer, and a quality assurance and control manager. The vacancies match with Nevada’s aspiration of creating high paid jobs and offering a skilled workforce to companies such as Tesla.

Construction workers also needed

Tesla is also hiring for its construction site, which will need 1,000 workers by mid-January and 2,500 by June. According to the documents filed by Tesla, the gigafactory construction will be in five phases. The factory is expected to start rolling out batteries next year, even though the gigafactory campus will not be fully completed until 2017.

The EV manufacturer is ramping up its work at the gigafactory and will create more than 9.8 million man hours, according to documents obtained by the Reno Gazette-Journal. Also the total gross construction payroll generated by the project is more than $450 million.

By 2020, the gigafactory will be capable of producing 50 times the amount of batteries that the company shipped in cars last year and 20 times the total of all lithium-ion batteries shipped in cars in 2013. However, with the increasing manufacturing of lithium ion batteries, there will be a shortage of the mineral component lithium hydroxide, which is used as an active cathode in the batteries. The shortage of the material can begin as early as in 2015.