Tesla Motors Inc Model X Could Be Delayed Again

Tesla Motors Inc Model X Could Be Delayed Again
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model X crossover has already been delayed several times. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month that the company had to postpone its launch by a few months to the third-quarter of 2015. Musk is committed to delivering top-quality vehicles that consumers will love. He pushed back the launch date to increase the validation testing time for Model X.

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Stifel cuts 2015 delivery guidance for Tesla

Stifel analyst James Albertine said in a research note that the Model X launch could be delayed once again to the fourth-quarter of 2015. Assuming Q4, 2015 release, Albertine has slashed his Model X delivery guidance for FY2015 from 16,500 units to 2,500 units. The research firm has also lowered its Model S delivery guidance for next year from 57,000 units to 50,000. But Model S estimate reduction was mainly due to “some hair cutting of production” given the disruption related to Model X changeover procedures.

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The Palo Alto-based electric vehicle maker is currently testing the Alpha prototype of Model X. The company has started building the Beta prototypes of its crossover. The company’s ability to release Model X on time will depend on several factors such as engineering completion, supplier readiness, and completion of in-house validation testing.

What if Tesla ditches the falcon doors?

Elon Musk has said that the falcon doors pose a few challenges. Earlier this week, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said that if Tesla decides to keep “double-hinged doors,” it risks further delaying the release. If the company decides to ditch the falcon doors at this point, the car will have to undergo substantial re-engineering/redesign to make the transition.

Meanwhile, Stifel has reduced its fourth-quarter EPS guidance from $0.75 to $0.35. For FY2015, the research firm has trimmed its EPS estimate from $4.01 to $3.04. Anyway, initial demand for Model X remains robust. Tesla has already received more than 20,000 orders for its forthcoming crossover. Stifel expects current quarter gross margins (excluding ZEV credits) of 25.5%.

Tesla shares fell 3.05% to $249.85 in pre-market trading Wednesday.

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  1. Well, you make reference to two things: “late,” and “competition.” The Tesla Roadster, and now the Model X, are “late” based on the earlier announcements by the company itself. The Roadster had been initially promised for release in one year, but came out two years later. (I think it was 2007 and 2009, but I don’t have the facts in front of me). It’s another thing to be “late to market” because someone else released something in to your market that eroded a customer base you were assuming you’d have. As you imply, there really isn’t any competition in the electric car market. Although there are other electric cars, nothing — and that includes things like the Nissan Leaf — is really in the same class of vehicle as any of the Teslas. On the other hand, Tesla has placed itself squarely in the same market as other luxury sedans with the Model S. So when most people talk about the “competition” to the Model S, they are really talking about the Lexus LS450h and the Infinity Q50 hybrid, and even non hybrid luxury models like the standard BMW 5/7 series. These cars are not competing electric cars, but they are competing for the same buyers. A friend of mine just bought the Infinity, but had strongly considered the Model S. His reason for not going with the Tesla had nothing to do with the range of the vehicle, but rather that it didn’t have adaptive cruise control, and it was hard to find an available Tesla. When it comes down to whether or not Tesla will be good for the environment and the electric car movement, the fact that it hasn’t inspired other manufacturers to compete on this front may make it appear as a failure. But when it comes to judging Tesla as a car company, the fact that it doesn’t have to accept gas but can still compete effectively against the established big boys in the automobile industry is huge. That makes a much bigger difference when it comes to survival, and perhaps just sticking around longer will give them more of a chance to influence the market to get less oily.

  2. Got your goat. You Tesla shills have your panties in a bunch and are having a hissy fit because you fear and hate the truth. Maybe a few brown nose eLOON Musk enough, and keep drinking the shill Kool-Aid you can hop a comet to avoid killer robots. lol

    eLOON Musk and his sycophants don’t care about the environment.

    Elon Musk quote:
    “F**k Earth! Who cares about Earth?”

  3. If tesla/Must is late all the time, home come Model S is the only high range sedan in teh maret, to be followed by Model X in ~9months? Where is the competition? Pleeease, show me something.

  4. Don’t worry Larene…. Jim has pulled this same thing countless times on other articles. I was concerned for him having his aneurysm pop. For Jim to disagree is one thing. For him to spend countless hours ranting is quite another. I just laugh now. I guess he thinks he is doing a great public service.

  5. First: I never said I dislike him. In fact, I kind of admire him. Second: there are several documented cases of Musk making decisions that did significantly delay the manufacture of the Roadster, several of which (yes, personal opinion) were really hard to justify as rational. Example? He didn’t like the use of a headlight that could be purchased and installed into an available body without having to redesign the bulk of the body. He also decided that the door sill was a couple of inches higher than what he preferred. That one single decision was attributable to a delay of several months.

    I’m not sure you read my post, though. I make some arguments that point at Musk being greatly RESPONSIBLE for the success of Tesla. This is an article about delays for the Model X. It is only fair to compare this to one of the company’s two other models — the Roadster — which was not only significantly delayed, but was also the first, and for a while, only product the company produced. Did the delays of the company’s first and only model hurt them? Based on the success they are currently enjoying (and, one could easily argue, the fact that they are even still in business), it is fairly safe to say that the delay was not all that harmful. But why wasn’t the delay harmful? There are many factors. One of which is likely that they are actually producing a vehicle that is not only functional, but high performance and attractive. Another significant factor is that Musk is involved. As a CEO, he does a good job of marketing the car, but (as I stated above in a way that was apparently misinterpreted as a negative) he also deflects and absorbs much of the negative publicity.

    Musk has used Twitter fairly effectively in this capacity. In one case, after a celebrity who was one of the early Roadster owners complained about the terrible reliability of the car (stating that it spent more time on the side of the road than the road itself), Musk commented that he must also complain about bugs on his first gen iPhone. That kind of banter has been widely documented in the press as being somewhat crass. The point is that it does two things: it distracts people from focusing on the negatives of the car and the company, and focuses any negative attention on Musk as a person (as opposed to Musk as the CEO of Tesla). If anyone other than Musk were the public face of Tesla, how much more attention would be paid to the technical issues that the car is facing? It’s not as if it is any worse than any other car (in fact, it’s probably much better), but it big news to point out the failings of a startup, while at the same time it is boring to point out the failings of an established company. Like I stated, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and pretty much other car company in the world is struggling with recalls of millions of vehicles right now, but that is hardly front-page news. It was front page news for the New York Times when they claimed that the Model S didn’t get the range it claimed. It was Musk that made a big stink about it. It made the issue bigger than it would have been otherwise, but the attention was on “Musk trying to silence bad reviews in the NYT,” while the issue of the range faded silently into “why does anyone care” category of news feeds around the internet.

  6. Knowledge and truth gets your goat. You greedy cultists can keep sucking up the eLOON Kool-Aid. You and your kind are a laughingstock. lol

  7. Who needs meds?

    You want everyone to be like you? No need to think, just be mindless obedient to eLOON Musk. You want us to blindly follow corporate greed. Catch the eLOON comet by drinking some Tesla sycophant Kool-Aid to escape from the self-aware killer robots. lol You shills are a hoot. lol

    Sorry to disappoint you I’m not going to join the Tesla cult.lol

  8. eLOON Musk is a pitchman, that ought to be in prison like Kevin Trudeau. Elon Musk & his cronies are examples of corporate greed..

    Several months ago the Tesla & Bitcoin fan boys were spamming a bunch of hype about the Tesla that was bought with Bitcoins. Beyond all the hype, it seems the truth is that it was bought by a crook with dirty money. The Tesla fan boys (the Tesla Mafia) have been cheering on and supporting organized crime.

    Blake Benthall was an employee of Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Allegedly some of the laundered money was used to buy a Tesla. Elon Musk is on record making fraudulent claims about Tesla batteries. Elon Musk & his corporate shills falsely claim that Tesla batteries are non-toxic, nonhazardous, environmentally friendly & landfill safe.

    According to TESLA Motors, the high voltage battery (lithium-ion battery) can release toxic vapors; including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper, & cobalt.

    Tesla fan boys are shills that spam slander, lies, FUD, hate, and ignorance. Tesla fan boys have no credibility and are a laughingstock. lol They ought to be in prisons or/and a mental institutions. They don’t want you to believe experts, instead they want you to believe lying, ignorant shills. They have no clue when it comes to science & technology. They are greedy people don’t care about the environment, safety or truth..

    Tesla fan boys can’t handle the truth.. Tesla fan boys fear and hate truth.

    A few examples of the hate, ignorance and lies the Tesla Mafia has spammed:

    WeaponZero “Lithium ion batteries are non-hazardous in both materials and waste”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries(non-toxic)”.

    WeaponZero “There are no toxic heavy metals in a lithium ion battery”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries do not pose risk if they are land filled”.

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries are non-toxic”.

    WeaponZero “As I mentioned before, heavy metals are not a bad thing just because they are heavy metals. Lithium ion batteries are considered non-toxic. The CEO of BYD even drank one”

    WeaponZero “if a battery is discharged and not being used, even if compacted there is no issue”

    WeaponZero “landfill fires have nothing to do with lithium ion batteries”

    WeaponZero “I have done way more research on manufacturing of batteries and heavy metals than you”

    Peter Gordon “Tesla batteries are 100% non-toxic and declared completely safe for landfill”.

    Peter Gordon “Tesla lithium ion cells contain no heavy metals, nor any toxic materials”.

    WeaponZero “To note, 0 Tesla batteries exploded”.

    WeaponZero “There is 0 Tesla cars at risk of fire”.

    WeaponZero “Actually, those things you see flickering are not battery cells but fireworks”

    grendal “there were no explosions”.

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    N??R “This is not even an explosion”

    CMCNestT . “The battery did not explode”.

    sranger “False, they are fireworks (4th of July after all)”

    Albertico “The car did not explode at all”.

    strata8 “Did not explode”.

    Tesla755 “No batteries exploded”

    stopcrazypp “It didn’t actually explode”.

    stopcrazypp “the amount of gas expelled is not enough to act like a rocket and carry a cell two stories high”

    stopcrazypp “not any sort of explosion”.

    Xixo “Teslas were actually not explosions”.

    Stewart Pid “the batteries didn’t explode”

    Dave_SRQ “There haven’t been any Tesla Model S recalls”

    sranger “I used LiFePo4 cells. They do NOT heat up when charger or discharged at up to 1000 amps so NO cooling is needed for these cells”.

    VulpineMac “They’re capacitors, not “batteries”.

    grendal “Even with this stupid thief that wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt the tally is that ZERO people have died in a Tesla”.

    Greenforce88 “The guy survived”.

    geoffrey bailey “zero fatalities”.

    geoffrey bailey “He was lucky that didn’t kill him”.

    Albertico “the driver survived this accident”.

    grendal “the fact that the thief and his passenger are still alive after this happened is telling”.

    Simonts “The driver survived!”.

    jeepesq ‘this thief was only ‘injured’ and not killed”

    Mirko “Guy steals car, walks away alive”.

    Peter Gordon “zero fatalities for Tesla”.

    Peter Gordon “There have been zero fatalities in a Tesla”

    Peter Gordon “no fatalities”.

    Albertico “The Tesla does not have anything that can catch on fire in the front”.

    WeaponZero “For this to happen to a lithium ion battery is extremely rare, though more common with lithium polymer batteries”.
    (WeaponZero doesn’t know that lithium polymer is a type of lithium ion battery) lol

    Mark Yates “NICKEL, Aluminium, Lithium – the prime components of a lithium battery are not heavy metals”.

    The facts are that Tesla batteries are toxic and contain heavy metals; despite the fraudulent claims by Elon Musk in &Tesla sycophants..

    According to most scientists; commonly encountered HEAVY METALS are chromium, COBALT, NICKEL, COPPER, zinc, arsenic, selenium, silver, cadmium, antimony, mercury, thallium and lead.

    On page 18 of the 2012-2013 emergency responder guide for the Tesla model S. There are sections on firefighting & fire damage related to the high voltage battery; indicating that the battery can release TOXIC vapors. Including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, NICKEL, aluminum, lithium, COPPER, and COBALT.

    The leaking chemicals can be so dangerous, that it seems to suggest evacuating civilians from the proximity of a Tesla battery fire and it’s plume of toxic fumes. Emergency responders should wear full protective gear and self-contained breathing equipment to protect themselves from the toxic materials from the Tesla battery..

    The facts show that Teslas have exploded. Despite that the Tesla driver was killed in West Hollywood, Tesla fan boys exploited the tragedy by spamming fraudulent claims. The Tesla driver died but was revived by emergency responders, only to die again later at the hospital. Many Tesla shills falsely claimed he did not die, some even claimed he only had minor injuries and walked away. Many denied that the Tesla battery burned, exploded or that there were toxic fumes. Etc….


    “Photos: Stolen Tesla Splits In Half And Explodes After Crashing In West Hollywood”

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    Elon Musk and Tesla shills/fanboys are such lowlife scum that they slandered firefighters that risked their lives to put out the first highly publicized Tesla battery fire. Elon Musk and Tesla shills/fanboys slandered the firefighters claiming they shouldn’t have cut a hole through the firewall. According to the report by the firefighters, when they first tried to put out the fire with water, the fire flared up then didn’t go all the way out. They followed Elon Musk’s procedures, but Elon Musk’s procedures failed because the fire did not go all the way out because firefighters couldn’t get enough water on the battery. So the fire reignited. Firefighters then cut out the firewall and only then were able to successfully & completely extinguish the fire. Elon Musk & Tesla shills/fanboys are advocating what failed, and bashing what was successful..

    Elon Musk doesn’t care about the environment..

    Elon Musk quote:
    “F**k Earth! Who cares about Earth?”

  9. I think eLOON Musk and his sycophants are crazy. Falcon wing doors have a novel look and in some cases can make it easier to get in and out of the car, however it also presents some problems. Falcon wing doors can be problematic when there is limited ceiling and side clearance and also can be a problem to open and close in snowy and icy conditions. Will the doors open easily and properly when they are heavily loaded down with snow and/or ice? Falcon wing doors that I have used have been lousy in rain, snow & ice.

    There are many reasons that falcon wing doors are rare.

    According to eLOON Musk we don’t have long to live. If he is right; computers will become self-conscious, takeover and kill off humans as soon as five years and no less than 10 years.

  10. Lots of assumptions and guesses to support your dislike of the person. Not ever making a rational decision? Responsible for delays? Products would be on time and well engineered without him? Do you have any real information to support these claims, or are these just your way of throwing mud, hoping something will cling? The facts show him as a very successful entrepreneur (heard of Zip, Paypal, SpaceX, SolarCity?), but I am sure your own track record is much more impressive, as we would all know if only you did not hide behind this clever and witty handle. I guess you need it to hide your excessive brilliance.

  11. I don’t see Musk ever making a rational decision about something like double-hinged falcon doors. He is almost certainly the reason the original roadster was delayed as long as it was, and there’s nothing in his track record that would indicate change this time around. It’s hard to say if Musk is a net negative or positive to this company. Without him, I think products would show up on time and well engineered. His personality may be what has given the company enough of a presence to have survived as long as it has, though. He tends to be an effective cheerleader for the company, and a sink for distractions when things get negative. As much as anyone could do for any company, he makes the product look good, and gets the negative attention away from the car and on himself. If he can keep the Tesla brand in the spotlight long enough, this company has a good future. Sure, it has all sorts of negatives, but they are competing against car manufacturers that are in the news these days more for recalls than for great style or innovation. The Model X is delayed? Not a problem, if every competitor has a vehicle with an airbag that will kill you in a crash! The PR could be a lot worse.

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