Sharing Video Clips: Beyond Geographies and Platforms


Most people who have spent any amount of time in the business world are familiar with the term “video conferencing” because it has quickly gained an important position among businesses as an invaluable tool for communication. Many businesses are jumping on board due to the outrageously high cost of transportation in the 21st century; however, there are many other reasons behind the video conferencing craze as well. For instance, video conferencing is becoming far more affordable for small and large businesses alike, making it easy for every business to keep up with the competition by accessing the same top-notch technology and equipment for daily use. Businesses that partake in the use of quality video conferencing systems, such as the systems offered by Blue Jeans video conferencing, tend to boast a significant increase in productivity, efficiency, employee and employer cohesiveness, resource management, time management, and overall professionalism. Video conferencing is popular for a reason: it provides a host of benefits to the user and tends to improve upon the foundation of any given business by a large percentage. The addition of video conferencing tools and features, particularly the video sharing feature, has even further increased the popularity of video conferencing within the greater business community.

The Importance of Video Sharing

The integration of video clip sharing into high quality video conferencing technologies has created an opportunity for business leaders, managers, and owners to successfully conduct business meetings and other important business events with every possible tool needed for success. Sharing high quality video files during important business meetings is becoming more and more essential in today’s technology saturated society, especially considering the important role played by social media within the mechanics of any given business.

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Beyond Geographies: Better Communication

Most people agree that better communication within a business equates to better overall function of a business, especially since most businesses have a need to communicate on a global scale. Communication is key for the successful operation of any given business. Just as communication is essential within the context of personal relationships, communication is imperative within the context of the business world and the relationships therein. The success of business meetings and other important social interactions hinge on whether or not a given business has access to the appropropriate equipment and information with the ability to communicate adequately to international locations. Video sharing is a key part of this success because video plays a huge role in today’s fast-paced, image-driven society. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words; however, millennials might would say that a video is worth a 100,000 words in comparison. Since scientific research indicates that the average human being’s attention span is listening to an average that is lesser than the average attention span of a typical goldfish, business leaders everywhere must intentionally find ways to communicate in methods that emphasize quick, efficient delivery of information in an entertaining manner. Long, text-based power points may no longer be the best way to go for “getting the point across.” Instead, videos are taking the spotlight by creating a stronger communication stream between employers, management, and employees. High quality video conferencing systems are comprised of software that easily crosses international boundaries with simple video sharing utilities that perform flawlessly anywhere on the globe.

Beyond Platforms: Flexibility

Quality video conferencing systems allow for a great deal of freedom, individuality, and flexibility within the conferencing window by giving users the opportunity to scale image and sound up or down depending on the given circumstance at hand. For instance, if an individual needs to make a note or add a commentary during an important business meeting’s featured video clip, he or she can simply press the spacebar to speak. The volume will instantly become softened so that he or she can insert an important piece of information without any chaotic “talking over” the video. The ability to decrease the size of a video conferencing video clip is yet another helpful tool that allows users to multi-task while staying on-point. While these features may seem small at first glance, they are incredibly useful when being applied during everyday, practical video conferencing situations. The good news? This flexibility can easily be shared across many different platforms and computer environments. Hardware does not have to be a limitation during video sharing because quality video conferencing services provide a way for businesses to share over any operating system platform.

Those who are interested in communicating clearly by way of meticulously detailed features that are simple to use may want to further investigate the many beneficial features provided by quality video conferencing providers. Video clip tools go beyond geographies and platforms to afford business owners with the opportunity to share critical information in real-time and without hassle. Keep this information in mind in order to more easily conduct business meetings that are characterized by video conference that is clear and simple. Services that offer video clip sharing features are especially beneficial to business owners who are seeking the right resources for maximized communication and increased flexibility applicable to today’s workforce.

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