Robots On Security Patrol In Silicon Valley [VIDEO]


Produced by Mountain View, CA startup Knightscope, the K5 robots resemble a cross between R2-D2 and a Dalek but beg the mention of “Robocop” in any of its iterations. Unlike the first two, it can’t shut off the Death Star’s trash compactors or chase Dr. Who around assuming there are no stairs.

Robots On Security Patrol

Robots On security patrol: Not your average robot

The five foot tall and 300 pound robots are, however, designed to look for anomalous behavior and report back to a human-equipped security center. equipped with GPS, lasers, and heat-detecting technology as well as 360 degree surveillance cameras and sensors, odor detectors, thermal imaging system, and scanners which can scan 300 license plates a minute among other tricks.

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Unlike UAVs patrolling over the deserts of the world as you read this, the K5 robot is unarmed and plays nice with others. When it nears a human or a human approaches it for a “selfie,” the K5 is fine. If it feels as though it’s being messed with it begins an audible chirping as it “phones home,” if it feels it is being further harassed or someone tries to tamper with it sends out a sound that can only be called a car alarm on steroids.

If you were to need help, there is a button on the top of the K5 that connects the button-pusher with the control center.

Robots On security patrol: The company speaks

Imagine a friend that can see, hear, feel and smell that would tirelessly watch over your corporate campus or neighborhood, keep your loved ones safe and put a smile on everyone passing by,” the company says on its website.

”Imagine if we could utilize technology to make our communities stronger and safer…..together,” the firm added.

“I believe robots are the perfect tools to handle the monotonous and sometimes dangerous work in order to free up humans to more judiciously address activities requiring higher-level thinking, hands-on encounters or tactical planning,” said Knightscope in a blog post.

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