Prynt Smartphone Case Doubles As Printer


The printer presumably hopes to capitalize on the recent renewal of interest in printed photographs. The revival gains another product, alongside ZenCam and Polaroid’s Socialmatic. As well as turning your smartphone into a modern version of the Polaroid camera, a groundbreaking feature allows users to turn their photos into moving portraits.

Prynt Smartphone

Prynt printer: Specifications

Prynt claims that its printer can currently  produce photographs in 50 seconds, but this time will soon be reduced to nearer 30 seconds. The printer is connected to the smartphone via a physical connection, which negates any need for WiFi or Bluetooth.

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Clement Perrot, CEO of Prynt, has claimed that “at the moment, only one sheet of paper can fit in the case. However, this will soon be increased to up to 30 pieces.”

The case has been under development since January 2014, and the company plans its release for early 2015. The first version of the case will fit 4-inch-display models, with a larger version planned for devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The case will be priced at $99 when it is released on Kickstarter.

Prynt app: Augmented reality

One of the cooler features of the printer is the fact that the accompanying Prynt app will record a few seconds of video before and after photographs are taken. This video is sent to a cloud for storage, from where the data can be used to create Harry Potter-esque moving images. When the photograph is viewed with the app open and held up to the camera, the photo turns into a video and the image comes to life, characters moving around the photograph.

The printer-case is reasonably priced, and could offer the perfect marriage between smartphone technology and the current trend for old-school printed photographs. The photos look to be of a reasonable quality, produced by heating up paper covered in ink.

The Prynt case could be a great gift for the selfie addict in your life, although it does give your smartphone quite an unwieldy shape which isn’t very pocket friendly.


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