Microsoft Corporation Partners With Dropbox

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working with Dropbox to launch business-friendly mobile products. Although both companies are still in competition, they are working together for business. Office users can now access Dropbox applications via mobile applications and edit files.

Microsoft and Dropbox team up for business

Those using Windows and Windows Phone versions will have to wait for now. Microsoft will initially roll out Dropbox-enabled Office apps for iOS and Android. This is a rather unique move for Microsoft considering Windows is usually the company’s top priority. Since the tech giant’s current focuses on cloud and mobile technologies, it is no surprise the rollouts begin with the most popular mobile operating systems.

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Wes Miller (analyst with Directions for Microsoft) said, “It’s not so much about making sure that Windows is the first and foremost, it’s making sure Microsoft services are available regardless of what device is in use.”

This particular deal created big buzz across the Silicon Valley. Dropbox is a significant company with about 300 million users. Earlier this year, the website was valued at about $10 billion when it raised finances. Five years ago, the company even turned down an offer from Apple’s Steve Jobs offered to purchase the company.

A big win possible for Dropbox

This partnership will also benefit Dropbox as it could attract more business users. Last April, the company updated its services and tried to ease concerns from companies that block Dropbox over security concerns. Since over 35 billion Microsoft Office files are stored on Dropbox, both companies need to make strong changes for both mobile and web users.

Dropbox’s head of product Ilya Fushman summed it up with, “Certainly on the desktop they’ve had a great experience – – we’re looking to bring that to mobile and the Web.”

The extra features will be available to Office users with Dropbox accounts. Dropbox business users will have to have a subscription to Office 365.