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Meryl Witmer Top 2015 Picks From Barron’s Round-table

Meryl Witmer Barron’s Roundtable Picks for 2015 below via Barron’s

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Barron’s: The natural-gas boom has been one of the most exciting economic developments of recent years. But it is hard to ship natural gas. That’s where your first pick, Navigator Holdings [NVGS], comes in. Tell us more.

Meryl Witmer: Navigator owns and operates ships that transport liquefied petroleum gas [LPG], mainly propane and butane, and some ethylene. It has ordered ships that will also be able to transport ethane. These are gases produced by fracking, or hydraulic fracturing. You need a lot of technical competence to ship gases, and this company has it. It has the infrastructure in place to operate specialized ships, and it has a good balance sheet. Capital allocation is critically important to us, and Navigator’s management excels at it.


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