FBN’s Melissa Francis, Veronica Dagher of The Wall Street Journal and Jack Otter of Barrons sound off on ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s comments on the American voter’s lack of understanding of the economy.

Melissa Francis: Washington Counting On Americans To Not Do The Math?!

Transcript: “Did you hear that? Because *that* is the reason I get up in the morning!! It’s the reason I come here to work at the FOX Business Network *everyday.* It’s the reason this show exists. Why we work so hard for you. Because there’s a world out there, especially in Washington, that is counting on your lack of economic understanding! They are counting on you to **not** do the math. So disappoint them. Don’t let them get away with it! You have the power! Watch our show. Watch our network! Arm yourself with the facts. And then *you* decide for yourself and hold them accountable. It’s my reason for being here. And I hope you will join me every day. We cannot let them get away with it.”

Melissa Francis