Some Tesla Motors Inc Model X Buyers To Wait 2 Years

Some Tesla Motors Inc Model X Buyers To Wait 2 Years
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) already postponed the delivery of the first Model X crossover vehicles to the third quarter of the next year, and as per estimates, the number of preorders has already crossed 20,000, This means even the first round of owners will have to wait for a long time to get their vehicle. The wait is even worse for those planning to order it now.

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Longer wait for new orders

The EV manufacturer recently sent a letter update to customers who already preordered a Model X. In the letter, the Elon Musk-led company states that the Model X will feature the same dual motor all-wheel-drive system fitted to the new D. However, a shocker comes later in the letter when Tesla informs customers that anyone who ordered the car today should not expect a delivery until well into 2016. It also informed customers that the “Model X will be the first electric vehicle with towing capability.”

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The letter read that with the Model S, the company has delivered a product better than a show car, and with the Model X, it wants to stick to the same philosophy. It said that every feature of the Model X, from the interior to the falcon wing doors, is either in line with the prototype or even better.

Tesla boasts strong demand for Model X

The dual motor all-wheel drive and autopilot features were the latest advancements for the Model S, and they will be featured in the Model X as well. Additionally, the dual motor propulsion system of the Model S 85D will also be present in the Model X, delivering uncompromised range and traction control. However, the Model X cannot be said as simply an upgrade of the Model S and “every detail of this car has been optimized for the unique mission of Model X.”

Tesla mentioned in the letter that demand for the Model X has been strong and preorders are impressive. It read that the major part of 2015 will be equipped in building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering the first cars to customers in North America in the third quarter. The company said that it would try to meet all the orders as soon as possible.

The letter stated also that the company is working on beta vehicles in the factory as of now. They will be taken for crash testing in the near future.

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  1. I love Tesla! I have been watching it forever, i really cant wait until the 30, 000 dollar model comes out in 2017, that is the model i can afford and im not buying another car unless its that car! That model is going to change EVERYTHING! I love that this is an American company, it really is a shame that companies with so much money just keep making the same crap while this startup company is changing the world. Chargers are going up all over the world, check the map on where the tesla chargers are currently. Its just expanding!

  2. iPhones? What’s wrong with my old Princess phone?

    Amazon. Stupid idea.
    That whole Internet thing. What does that even mean? Inter what net?

  3. LOL. Talk it down Boyo. I’ll get it even cheaper. LOL, You still drive a polluter for $2.50 gallon. Subsidizing dead technology and terrorism and cars from other countries? Wow. I mean, just….wow!

  4. Damn, I want one of these. I can wait. Great car. equivalent to 75cents a gallon. No emissions. Incredible torque and a great CEO.

    I’ll drop enough into the stock today, it’ll probably pay for the car by the time I get it.

  5. @

    sowhat: I hope you’re right ,,, but on the other hand if Tesla waits too long that can’t be good either ,,, The point is that there’s come’s a time to ‘put up or shut up’ as the saying goes.

  6. “a shocker comes later in the letter when Tesla informs customers that
    anyone who ordered the car today should not expect a delivery until well
    into 2016”

    Why is that a “shocker” to anybody? They said they are going to do first shipments in the third quarter, which undoubtedly means shipping a handful of cars within California on September 30, then doing a gradual ramp in the 4th quarter to work out the rest of the bugs that show up in production. They probably ship fewer than 4000 of these in 2015.

    And that is if they don’t have yet another delay. My guess is they ship fewer than 1500 model X in 2015. And what Musk is not saying with all this “off the charts” pumping is that the D is cannibalizing orders for the X. It is by no means certain that 20,000 solid orders remain.

  7. Tesla has my full support. I don’t understand why so many Americans are “gleeful” to hear bad news about Tesla and SpaceX. I am “thankful” to have an American company build something exciting. Just think if Elon would have started these companies in South Africa instead of the US. That would be 10,000 plus high tech and high paying jobs not in our country.

  8. All talk? No Show? Hardly. Model S was car of the year, performance on par with a McClaren F1. The Model X does exist and will be delivered. I wish GM and other manufacturers would make sure their vehicles were really good before delivery. I have had to return my GM vehicle several times for fixes as well as 3 recalls.

  9. I’m thinking at what point is it fair to say Tesla is all talk and no show! Too many postponements and then confidence in Tesla will become begin to fade away! Right now Tesla Motors enjoys a good reputation, but that can change.

  10. Well, this should be an entertaining comment section. So many predicted that Tesla and Musk were going to fail, yet people are willing to wait for a couple years for their cars. I think the same was said about Apple
    numerous times, as the lines of people get longer & longer to get the latest tech stuff……

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