Galaxy S6 To Sport UFS Memory, Flexible Display

Galaxy S6 To Sport UFS Memory, Flexible Display
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930)’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 will arrive with a next-gen NAND flash storage and flexible display. Inside sources told Korean newspaper ETNews that the Korean electronics giant is going to use the NAND-based universal flash storage (UFS) 2.0. Using UFS in the Galaxy S6 makes sense. It costs far less to manufacture compared to eMMC memory. But it has a transfer speed of 1.2GB per second, almost three times faster than eMMC memory.

Samsung to begin mass production of UFS memory soon

What’s more, UFS consumes less power than eMMC, so it won’t lead to overheating or battery drain. Sources said that the UFS 2.0 technology will consume only half the power of eMMC 5.0. The Galaxy S6 is long-rumored to come with 4K display technology that will likely consume a lot of battery power. If that’s true, Samsung will have to pack a larger battery or make the device more power-efficient.

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Sources said Samsung would start mass production of the next-gen NAND flash storage in the next few weeks. The Korean company is also planning to slowly replace microSD and SD cards with UFS in its smartphones. And these changes will first appear in the Galaxy S6, following by Galaxy Note 5. Reports suggest that Samsung is designing the Galaxy S6 with a whole new look and philosophy under the Project Zero.

Expect to see some radical improvements in the Galaxy S6 compared to its predecessors. JPMorgan analysts Jay Kwon and JJ Park recently visited 11 tech component suppliers in Asia. During their trip, analysts learned that the Galaxy S6 will feature a “flexible display.” JPMorgan said it will be a “major form factor change” after the Korean company’s continuous focus on rigid OLED panel and plastic casing.

Galaxy S6 will be an inflection point for fully foldable display

The research firm noted that the Galaxy S6 will be flexible, but phones with “fully bendable or foldable” displays will only arrive after 2016. The forthcoming S6 could be an inflection point for the foldable display technology. One supplier told JPMorgan that Samsung Display will expand its flexible display production capacity by the end of this year.

Among other features, the Galaxy S6 is rumored to feature 5.2-inch Quad HD screen, Iris eye scanner, 4GB RAM, compatibility with Gear VR headset, and Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor that supports 4K display. Galaxy S6 will most likely get the newest Android Lollipop OS upon launch.

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