FB – Facebook Messenger Crosses 500M User Milestone


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced that that its messenger app has more than 500 million users per month. The Facebook Messenger is the first standalone app of the social network giant. It was developed to provide users with a faster and more expressive way to communicate.

FB - Facebook Messenger Crosses 500M User Milestone

According to Peter Martinazzi, director of product management at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), users can communicate with their friends and family instantly using Facebook Messenger because it works as fast as the SMS.

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Martinazzi emphasized that Facebook Messenger allows users to express themselves in different ways such as sending stickers or videos, taking selfies, chatting with groups and making free calls.

Facebook Messenger receives updates every two weeks

He added that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) continues to improve the speed and reliability of Facebook Messenger. The social network giant updates the app every two weeks to continue is evolution and improvement.

“This is an exciting milestone, but with half a billion people relying on Messenger to communicate and connect, it is also a reminder that there is so much left for us to do,” said Matinazzi.

On the other hand, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his gratitude to the company’s users for their loyalty and patience in contributing to the development of Facebook messenger, which is now a serious competitor in the messaging industry.

Zuckerberg estimated that 85% of people online use Facebook Messenger

Zuckerberg emphasized that messaging is “one of the few things that people actually do more than social networking.” He estimated that approximately 85% of people who are online will use Facebook messenger in many countries. However, he also believed that around 90% or 99% of people in some countries send text messages or SMS.

Facebook Messenger is available in Android devices, iPhones as well as Window Phones. Users were initially unhappy with the standalone app because they felt that re being compelled to download to be able to continue to send messages through the social network.

Although users initially have a negative reaction on Facebook Messenger, the app was downloaded more than 500 million times on Android devices. In August, it was on top of the chart as the most downloaded app on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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