Facebook Inc, Instagram Apps Drain Your Phone’s Battery Life: AVG

Facebook Inc, Instagram Apps Drain Your Phone’s Battery Life: AVG

It’s a well-known fact that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) kills battery life of iOS devices. But it’s equally lethal to battery and overall performance of Android devices as well. A new study conducted by security firm AVG Technologies revealed that Facebook app has the biggest impact on your Android smartphone’s performance. To compile the third-quarter report, AVG analyzed data from one million Android users worldwide. It measured multiple factors such as battery life, storage and data consumption.

Facebook the most power-hungry non-gaming app

Facebook emerged as the biggest non-gaming culprit, thanks to its consistent background notification checks. Its notification checks run even when people aren’t using the app. Instagram, another Facebook-owned app, was the fourth biggest performance draining app. Path came in second, while 9GAG Funny Pics & Videos was ranked third. Spotify also made it to the top five. AVG also found some interesting facts about real-time new apps. They take up a lot of storage space in your smartphones and tablets.

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The New York Times’ breaking news app is the biggest storage space hoarder, beating apps like Chrome and Spotify. That’s because the NYT’s app catches even videos and photos, besides articles, behind the scenes. The Daily Mail and BBC Sport news apps also appeared among the top 10 “non auto-start” battery draining apps.

Games consume a lot of battery

Pre-installed apps also sap your device’s juices. Three pre-installed apps from Samsung including ChatON and WatchON appeared among the top 10 “auto-start” battery draining apps. And then there are games. AVG found that gaming consumes about 62% of the total time spent by users on Android smartphones or tablets. Four games made by King Digital Entertainment made it to the top 10 battery drainers.

Battery draining games

However, you can save your battery from these monster apps if you want. Just turn off the background notifications and data in apps that are affecting the performance of your phone or tablet. Go to settings menu to see which apps are draining the most battery. And then go to that power-hungry app’s settings to manually set the permissions.

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