Canadian Drilling Activity To Decline 10% In 2015: Industry Body

While most Canadian oil and gas producers remain intent on maintaining output, oil services companies are signaling a downturn next year. The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) expects a 10% decline in drilling activity in 2015 compared to this year, based on a West Texas Intermediate price of US$85. “If we have additional erosion…

Canadian drilling activity to decline 10% in 2015: industry body

Walter Schloss’s Wisdom

Walter Schloss v S&PWalter Schloss was a legendary value investor and some might call him the last traditional value investor. Schloss was an old school value investor. He looked for bargains on a price-to-book basis, preferring stocks that were trading at 52-weeks lows over other opportunities. He spent several years working with Benjamin Graham before moving off to Read More