BlackBerry Plans High-End All Touch Device 'Rio' For 2015

BlackBerry Plans High-End All Touch Device 'Rio' For 2015
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is supposedly planning a high-end handset dubbed “Rio,” which is expected to be launched in 2015, says a report from N4BB. The company has been positioning its product to loyal customers who loved the QWERTY physical keyboards in the original phones, however, it has not ruled out all-touch phones just yet.

BlackBerry targets new users

An N4BB report states, “Today, I am happy to exclusively reveal BlackBerry is in fact working on a new high-end all-touch codenamed ‘Rio.’” The report gave no details about the specs, pricing, or launch date of the new high-end device but said they are not sure whether the company will be able to bring it to market next year or if it will remain stuck in the development phase.

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