Apple Inc. To Open Retail Stores 8:00 AM On Black Friday

Apple Inc. To Open Retail Stores 8:00 AM On Black Friday
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A recent report suggests Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may open retail stores at 8:00 am local time on Black Friday. If this rumor is true, it will be an earlier time than last year. Since Apple usually waits until just a few days before Black Friday to announce it’s event, it’s likely fans still have a few weeks to go before the confirmation.

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Apple may open retail store later on Black Friday

At press time, there is no word on what deals Apple will offer this year. If previous years are any sort of indicator, fans can expect deals on accessories, Mac computers, and iPods. However last year, Apple didn’t offer any discounts at U.S. stores, instead it offered gift cards with select product purchases.

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Apple’s Black Friday sale will also extend to online shoppers, which is great news for Apple fans who don’t live near an Apple retail store. Other major retailers are getting into the festivities by offering deals on Apple products this month. Notable deals include Sam’s Club iPhone 6 deal which allows people to purchase the 4.7 16GB smartphone for just $99 with new two-year contract. This deal is valid on November 15th only and it’s exclusively an in-store offer. 64GB and 128GB models will also be available for just $100.

Apple prepares for holiday season with iPhone 6 sales blogger Eric Jones reminds us, “[The deals] really just a preview of what is to come for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That price is going to be widespread among stores carrying the iPhone…The iPhone 6 Plus will be discounted, but not nearly as much ($20-$40).”

Apple generally keeps a strong limit on discounts and special promotions offered from outside retailers. It is also surprising the Cupertino-based tech giant is offering discounts on a new item with a strong demand.’s Michael Brim added, “[I am] “pretty surprised at the discount offered by Sam’s Club, especially given the continuing demand for the 6/6+. We might see the 16GB iPhone 5S for free (continuing the $100 discount trend).”

It’s gearing up to be a big season for Apple.


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