Windows 10 Technical Preview Download Now Available

After unveiling Windows 10 on Tuesday, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has pushed out the technical preview download to advanced PC users. Although the technical preview isn’t intended for the average Windows user, those who want to try it out can download it at the Windows 10 technical preview page.

Windows 10 technical preview offers new features

Microsoft has warned that, just as with all technical previews, this earliest version of Windows 10 is going to be extremely buggy. As a result, the company recommends that only “PC experts” take part in the preview.

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Those who happen to have an extra computer that can handle Windows 10 and who have backed up their data can try out some of the new features Microsoft showed off on Tuesday. Just sign up for the Windows Insider program, make sure the computer is able to handle Windows 10 and then click “Get the upgrade” to take part in the technical preview.

Details on Windows 10

Early images from Windows 10 show that it is indeed a sort of hybrid operating system that mixes elements of Windows 7 with Windows 8. Microsoft designed Windows 10 to be a single operating system that will work across multiple devices, although the experience will change slightly depending on what type of device it is being used on. Developers will appreciate that they can develop just one app for all Windows 10 devices.

Windows 10 for desktop PCs runs much more like Windows 7 did. It still has the Live Tiles from Windows 8, but Microsoft has made it much easier to get rid of the tiles so that it works more like older versions of Windows. It is also optimized for use with a keyboard and mouse, while the Windows 8 Live Tile interface is more front and center on touchscreen mobile devices. Also all Windows 8 apps will now work in desktop mode on PCs.

Hybrid devices can also switch from touchscreen mode to desktop mode and back again. Users simply disconnect the attached keyboard to automatically switch into touchscreen mode with the Live Tile interface.

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