Twitter Inc Users With More Followers To Get Big Deals From Hotelied


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users with more followers will get upto 50% deals on a new website Hotelied. The website is offering such users a chance to stay in the luxury hotels and encouraging more number of users to link their Twitter accounts to the website.

More followers mean better deals

Hotelied, a new website with tagline ‘It pays to be you’ is offering its members a never before chance of lodging into high-end properties in New York, Miami, Portland, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. The discount and perks are limited only to the users having a large number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

A user can save as much as 50% if he or she has a sizable following on Twitter, which is not a bad deal at all. It turns out that depending upon the popularity of a Hotelied member on Twitter or any other social networking website the discount will be offered. For instance a night at the Metropolitan by COMO in Miami Beach, which usually costs $429, is currently available at $258 (£161) per night. At SIXTY, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York, rooms costing $454 (£284) a night, are priced at $364 (£227) a night.

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Twitter user gives access to information pool

When a member links Hotelied to his or her Twitter or any other social networking site mentioned above, Hotelied will have an access to the vast information about the user. This information could be anything like photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or tweets about their experience.

Hotelied has posted on its website that according to the specific business needs a hotel would target small groups, guests working in specific industries such as fashion, entertainment, business, or education, frequent travelers, loyal travelers, and others. Also, hotel would make efforts to connect with the guests having large following through social media like Twitter and other influential platforms.

However, even if the user is on Twitter and has a long queue of followers, he or she may end up getting nothing if the priority is a budget deal. This is because at present there are just five destinations, but with increasing penetration of Twitter and other social media platforms, the concept could appeal other travel firms too.