Ron Klain Named “Ebola Czar” Named By Obama

U.S. officials are taking the Ebola virus threat very seriously. In fact, President Barack Obama has appointed someone to the title of U.S. “Ebola czar.” If that sounds like a weird title because of its previous meaning associated with Russian rulers, the term “czar” has now been adopted in the U.S. to mean any high-ranking official.

Ron Klain Named "Ebola Czar" Named By Obama

Ron Klain becomes Ebola czar

Obama has appointed Ron Klain to the new post. He was previously chief of staff for Vice President Joe Biden. This is according to CNN, which cites “knowledgeable sources.” The news follows comments the president made on Thursday. He expressed interest in appointing one person to handle Washington’s full response to the Ebola threat.

Lawmakers have been criticizing the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola threat in the U.S. Hospitals have seemed largely unprepared to receive Ebola patients, and healthcare workers lacked the necessary protective gear.

Some lawmakers are calling for a travel ban from West Africa where the Ebola outbreak is the worst. However, the administration is not yet ready to call for such a ban. On Thursday, Obama issued an executive order to deploy the National Guard to West Africa to help deal with the outbreak there.

Ron Klain becomes Ebola czar

According to CNN, Ron Klain has a good reputation on Capitol Hill. He holds good relationships throughout Washington, and lawmakers respect his handling of the fund allocation during the government stimulus period. He lacks experience in healthcare, but most see the title of Ebola czar as being more about management rather than healthcare.

Klain currently is General Counsel for the investment group Revolution and also President of Case Holdings. In addition to previously serving as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, he also held the post to past Vice President Al Gore. He has also been a clerk for the U.S. Supreme Court and managed Gore’s camp during the Florida recount controversy in 2000.