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[ARCHIVES] Peter Barton John Malone’s ‘Right Hand Man’ Interview Collection

Peter Barton – a key figure within TCI.  Peter Barton passed away in 2002, but his memory lives on. Below readers can find  and oral and video Collection Interview – Lots of good stuff on Bob Magness, John Malone, TCI and deals according to COBF 

Published on Oct 10, 2012

This is the video history of Peter Barton and it is made possible by a grant from the Gustave Hauser Foundation as part of the oral history program of The National Cable Television Center and Museum. Peter Barton is a cable programmer, extraordinary dealer maker, a catalyst in every respect and to a lot of people, a great visionary in the area of cable programming. He’s been involved in the business since approximately 1980 or 1981 and has made a major, major impact on the development of cable programming throughout the entire industry. The interviewer is Jim Keller. Peter, to get us started, would you please give us a little bit of your background prior to the time you joined TCI in 1981?

PETER BARTON: Well, gosh, I’m not sure I can do this and have it PG rated but I’ll try. Immediately prior to joining TCI, I was busy trying to launder my career. I went to the Harvard Business School on the theory that it would mask the fact that the prior eight or nine years I’d spent in the government. The prior nine years I was in the Hugh L. Carey administration in New York State. I ran a bunch of campaigns, national and local campaigns, in addition to that. I ran 14 state agencies for the governor including, mostly the commerce and revenue agencies. The “I Love New York” campaign was one of my creatures. Everything from the National Guard to the Driver’s License Department of Motor Vehicles, these were all my agencies. Prior to that, I was working for Common Cause in Washington DC and there are many other priors, including being a professional skier. I was an exhibition skier for a few years and a croupier at a casino in Las Vegas, I mean Lake Tahoe.