Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Updates Android, iOS Apps With Better UI

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Updates Android, iOS Apps With Better UI

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) will roll new update for Android and Apple devices, which will re-sync the visual interface across all platforms and will enable the user to toggle between different devices without any change in the interface. Now, the box art will appear on the screen while user wants to search for a specific title, actor or genre related to televisions shows or films.

Netflix offers more ease for users

The user needs to tap on Box art to launch video content on Smartphones and other mobile devices. Netflix subscribers will also be able to stream videos on television and other big screens using AirPlay on the Apple TV or the Google Chromecast.

Roelof van Zwol, director of search innovation and user interface innovation VP Chris Jaffe, commented on the interface changes over the two most important mobile platforms. “With this update, we bring the visual presentation style for search results to mobile and tablet devices, allowing our members to quickly scan search results to discover great content,” according to an official blog.

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Before the launch of the new update users needed to scroll through the long list of search results with tiny thumbnails and plenty of text. With the new update, there will be pictures of the searched titles along with appropriate shows and movie material on the screen. With the new feature, Netflix is expecting users to get a better experience.

With the new update users can search for actors, directors and creators easily. For example, a user can find almost everything on an actor just by typing the name on the search bar.

Expansion a challenge

The online video-streaming company has already entered the European countries, debuting in some of the biggest countries such as France and Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. On its expansion course, Netflix has faced many rough patches in the form of opposition from cultural leaders, politicians and its potential broadcast partners in the country. Netflix is seen as a big threat to both the cultural television shows, as well as, the local cable TV broadcasters.

France wants Netflix to stream 40% of the television programming in French. Those opposing Netflix in France argue that the company would disturb the current system formed by the government and broadcasters to defend the French Industry. On the other hand, Netflix knows the significance of the French market and for the company’s business.

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