iPhone 6 Color Slowly Dyed By Jeans

As if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) needs another problem with the new iPhone 6, there’s a new issue that goes beyond Bendgate. Once again, it’s a problem for people who put their iPhones in their pockets, but it has to do with the color of the phone, which apparently can be affected by the dye that’s used in men’s jeans.

The iPhone 6 and Dyegate

The folks at BGR report that they have spoken with “several” people who own an iPhone 6 in the last couple of weeks who all have the same problem. Apparently they’re having issues not with the iPhone 6 bending in their pockets, but with the dye from their jeans slowly changing the color of those plastic strips that are on the back of the smartphone.

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The issue appears to be that as they slide the iPhone 6 in and out of their pockets, the dye is gradually rubbing off onto those ugly plastic strips so many people have said they hate the look of. And as the dye rubs off onto the strips, it makes the iPhone 6 look like it’s old and dirty.

Those who have reported this issue have said they’ve tried the typical cleaning products to get the dye off, but there’s been no such luck.

What Apple had to say about it

BGR reported that all of the people who reported having this problem with their iPhone 6 received about the same response from Apple. Support staff reportedly told them to carefully clean the smartphones with a number of common cleaning products. However, they would not provide any more assistance when the cleaning products did not work.

More and more problems for the iPhone 6

They say problems come in threes, and this issue with the dye coming off on the iPhone 6 marks the third one with this year’s new iPhones. The first problem was dubbed “Bendgate” and involved the iPhone 6 bending in owners’ pockets.

The other one was dubbed “Hairgate” and involved people’s hair getting stuck in the back of the phone.