Internet Dating Leaves Woman Stuck In Chimney

A woman has been arrested after getting stuck in the chimney of a residence owned by a man that she met on an internet dating site. Concerned neighbors called emergency services after hearing her screams of distress at around 6 a.m.

The pair reportedly went on six dates before the unnamed man broke off the relationship after finding her on the roof of his house, two weeks prior to this latest incident.

Internet Dating Leaves Woman Stuck In Chimney

Internet Dating: Criminal intent?

The local sheriff has since provided the information that the woman’s “intent was unclear”, but the chimney flue had to be lubricated with dish soap and water in order to get her out.

She has since been identified as Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, a thirty-year old local resident. Upon her removal she was taken to hospital and promptly arrested on suspicion of unauthorized entry of a dwelling and of giving false information to a police officer.

Whether or not Nunez-Figueroa intended to cause her ex any harm cannot be known, but she certainly got her holidays mixed up, imitating Santa Claus just two weeks before Halloween.

The perils of internet dating

The homeowner has been circumspect about the events of the past few weeks, wishing Nunez-Figueroa the best and expressing his hope that she “gets help” and “stays offline”.

Other locals who are looking to meet strangers from the internet would do well to read this story and remember the name Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa. The man has since taken to seeing his ordeal as a kind of public service, stating that “even if she’s online, people are probably going to know who she is now, so, ‘You’re welcome,’ ” he said.

The man certainly seems to have learned his lesson, advising others to “really give it some time before you let somebody in (to your house), because they might want to stay.”

To wrap up with a more Value Walk appropriate theme, we can even tie these events in with online security. Again our man has a quote for the occasion, telling assembled media that  “you have to be careful who you meet online.”