Instagram Briefly Goes Down

Popular photo sharing website Instagram went down for a little while on Thursday morning. An ‘Internal Server Error’ message appeared on the website when users tried to access their accounts. At press time, neither Facebook nor Instagram released an official statement regarding the matter.

Instagram Briefly Goes Down reported Instagram’s downtime, but it appears the site is back up now.

In other Instagram related news, now iPad users can enjoy the fun photo app even more thanks to Pictactular, a special photo app which allows a Pinterest inspired layout to view the Instagram feed. Users can still comment and like their friends photos on Instagram even through Pictacular. One significant upside for this app is that it makes Discovery, Popular, and Nearby feeds even more accessible. Users can also see the full lists of followers with this app.

Pictacular also has a web app that allows users to browse through photos in their feed through the keyboard. It allows users to access Feeds, nearby, and seach. The latter is something you won’t find on Instagram’s app, so this is a nice extra. The one thing users can’t do with the web version of Pictactular is upload their own photos.

Instagram has become so much more than just an app for taking and sharing photos, it is truly a social network in it’s own right. It has ecome an intrisnic part of internet culture. Unlike social media websites like Facebook and Twitter which appeal to a broad range of users, Instagram is one of the more popular social networks among young users. It’s more fun to share and connect with others through artistic means and Instragram certainly fills that need. In the day and age where instant gratification has become a way of life, Instagram filled a specific need for  community that instantly shares photos.