Haim Bodek, HFT Whistle-blower Discusses The Topic

Haim Bodek, HFT Whistle-blower Discusses The Topic

Special guest: Haim Bodek is a “whistleblower” industry player who for years has worked developing quantitative trading strategies at Hull Trading, UBS and more recently at his own firm operating out of Stamford Connecticut – Trading Machines. He is most notable to the industry however, for his illuminating how stock exchanges have been providing ultra-HFT firms (the commonly accepted term today being “market makers”) with unfair advantages that propel them to the exchanges’ best prices at your expense. He has been featured in Scott Patterson’s book, “Dark Pools.”

Haim Bodek, Fdr. of Trading Machines & Decimus Capital Mkts – #PreMarket Prep for September 19, 2014

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