Hackers Use Reddit To Hijack 17K Apple Inc. Macs

Hackers Use Reddit To Hijack 17K Apple Inc. Macs
ElisaRiva / Pixabay

Hackers are hijacking Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) computers using the Reddit social media webpage. Russian researchers from an antivirus company called Dr. Web reported over 17,000 Macs (with 1,227 in the United Kingdom) were infected with malware called Mac.BackDoor.iWorm.

A closer look at the Mac worm

This particular type of malware allows hackers to access computers remotely through a communication system which manipulates search and comment features on Reddit. After a hacker gains access to computer, they can send commands to a botnet of infected machines. Such commands include denial-of-service or to launch spam campaigns.

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Right now the affected computers are not being used for attack purposes. But as of last Friday at least 17,658 Mac computers were discovered and that number could grow.

This wasn’t the first time Apple Mac computers were hacked into

Graham Cluley, security researcher, explained in a blog post, “This isn’t, of course, the first time that we have seen Mac computers infected by malware and hijacked into a criminal botnet, and it isn’t anything like as big so far as the notorious Flashback worm