Google Inc (GOOGL) To Test New WiFi Service That Is Faster Than Fiber


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) is making significant strides with its Fiber network. But stringing fiber on poles or laying it below the ground may be difficult in some areas. The Internet giant is committed to bringing ultrafast, gigabit-per-second Internet to homes. According to Google’s recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission, the company is gearing up to test a new technology. Experts who reviewed the company’s filings said it could become a good replacement for fiber.

Google to start testing on Nov.13

The Mountain View-based company has requested confidential treatment for its project that involves testing of “proprietary wireless applications.” Google said it would use radio transmitters in the 5.8GHz, 24.2GHz, 72GHz and 82GHz frequencies. Today, the most widely used WiFi band is 2.4GHz, which has become extremely congested.

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Stephen Crowley, a telecom expert and consultant, said that Google is moving to higher frequency bands, so there will be more spectrum available. More spectrum means more bandwidth and faster data speeds. According to Forbes, a 60GHz standard offers speeds of up to 6GB per second, about six times faster than Google Fiber.

The new test will begin on November 13 at three sites in the San Francisco Bay Area. The frequencies Google is going to test work best over short distances and will require a direct connection to a receiver. In a meeting scheduled for Friday, the FCC will discuss the issue of using wireless spectrum higher than 24GHz for mobile devices.

Is Google a threat to the cable-telecom giants?

By providing Internet services directly to residences, Google may open a new path in a market dominated by AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and others. Experts said Google’s WiFi technology could be a cheaper and faster way to deliver ultrafast Internet service. Earlier this year, a report from The Information claimed that Google was planning to provide full-fledged wireless service in markets where its Fiber service is already available.

Google shares fell 1.68% to $527.89 in pre-market trading Friday.

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