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The Future According To Hollywood [INFOGRAPHIC]

The question is: Why is everyone so hopeless, and how is this capitalism’s fault? You’ve got to admit that you’d probably rather pay money to see some topography-rearranging, apocalyptic, nuclear explosions on the big screen, than watch some slice of life film about how hard of a time Matthew McConaughey is having eating Cheerios in his space yacht, because artificial gravity hasn’t been invented yet. When it comes down to it, Hollywood doesn’t really dictate what kind of movies we want to see; they just make them. Maybe capitalism actually will have something to do with the fall of human civilization, but it’s not to blame for the evident implication that everyone seems so sure it’s going to happen. I mean take the Bible, for instance. That story doesn’t end on the best note, and I don’t imagine the guys who wrote it are collecting any royalty checks.

The Future According To Hollywood

Infographic source: pastemagazine.com