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New Documentary – EUPOLY – A european Nightmare

New Documentary – EUPOLY – A european Nightmare 2 hours, twenty minutes – this is well done and goes back to the beginning of the euro when even Jim Rogers and Marc Faber thought it was a great idea – worth a watch even if you are a Euro bull Since 2002, the euro is also the official currency in Germany. Now – more than 11 years later – the euro zone is descending into chaos. The economy crumbles, one state after another comes close to default and has to be rescued. Especially in the south unemployment explodes, with the youth as the most affected. This documentary takes a look behind the curtain and tries to find out who were – and are – the real profiteers. Where is this leading to and what will be the consequences? Is it yet possible to prevent the crash and what are the alternatives?

In a thrilling timeline it is shown, how things have evolved under increasing dynamics. Experts and witnesses are heard, original recordings bring that time politicians statements back into consciousness.

While single details of this long-time affair might be in memory, they form a different, a big picture as a whole for the thoughtful viewer. Here, we present the EUPOLY movie trailer, do your own thinking:

It´s not easy to put an endeavor of this magnitude in a documentary less than six parts. But Jens Blecker, nevertheless, tries to lift the curtain in a 141 minutes long movie and to disclose the most important connections in what has been going on for more than a decade. Inter alia, he interviewed some well-known economists.

New Documentary - EUPOLY - A european Nightmare