CNN in Full Fear Mongering Mode Cashing in on Ebola

CNN in Full Fear Mongering Mode Cashing in on Ebola

CNN in Full Fear Mongering Mode Cashing in on Ebola

2 Cases of Ebola

From the ‘news’ network that covered and beat the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story to death comes the latest hysteria promoting journalistic approach to the 2 cases of Ebola here in the United States. These people should literally lose their broadcasting license as although many Americans have the ability to rationally think about the issue, unfortunately many Americans lack the level of reasoning abilities necessary to rationally think in a level headed manner regarding the actual risks of becoming infected by Ebola.

More Likely to Die from…

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In a sense CNN is shouting fire in a crowded movie theatre, they are pandering to the lowest common denominator to make a rating`s buck on this story. Literally their viewers are more likely to get hit by a car and killed crossing the road, or develop pneumonia this winter, or die shoveling snow than from being affected by Ebola in any manner whatsoever. Literally we are starting to see some of the hysteria play out in patients going to the emergency rooms when they haven`t traveled to Africa, come into contact with anybody who has been to the affected African regions but happen to exhibit a slight fever and or stomach ache which normally they would just take some over the counter remedies.

Examine the Facts: Use Logical Reasoning

Ebola isn`t that easy to catch folks just consider the fact that the original patient was holed up in what was probably less than 1000 square feet apartment with his girlfriend, her five children, and many neighbors going in and out of the apartment when he was already exhibiting enough symptoms to go to the emergency room, and for several days after interacted with all these people in such a confined space, and yet none of those people are showing any signs of coming down with Ebola, and are probably out of the woods from a time perspective.

Nigeria Would Have Been a Disaster Zone if Ebola ‘Airborne Threat’ on Meaningful Scale

If Nigeria a poor country right next door to ground zero for Ebola can halt Ebola in its tracks when by all accounts the conditions would be perfect for it to reach epidemic proportions, and compare Nigeria to the United States and the rest of the developed world`s resources, Ebola is a very manageable problem even under the worst case scenarios here in the United States. The problem is that many people lack basic reasoning abilities, and the last thing these people need is a ‘news’ network hyping up Ebola with their Big Red Flashing News Headlines blowing all proportion out of the story in a hysterical fashion.

Journalistic Line & Fear-Mongering for Ratings

They have a responsibility in having a broadcasting license to inform the public about news stories in a professional manner which provides general context to the stories that they cover so that their viewers can understand how this news affects their lives, not create the context for the story that hyper exaggerates the actual level of risk on how this news will affect the lives of the viewers in a practical sense. Ebola isn`t a new movie release, and CNN isn`t its viral marketing advertising agency, they should be ashamed of themselves over their coverage of news these days. They not only aren`t journalists anymore, they aren`t even infotainment providers, they have stooped to the level of blatant Fear-Mongers.

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