BlackBerry Ltd Phones Used To Write Full Books

BlackBerry Ltd Phones Used To Write Full Books
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB), once the most popular brands among users, is now struggling to maintain its cachet. A large number of BlackBerry users are looking for a substitute, and many of them have already abandoned the Canadian firm. But surprisingly, three authors still love the brand and even managed to finish writing their novels on their beloved QWERTY phones.

BlackBerry QWERTY feature is truly remarkable

A  BlackBerry’s Biz Blog post describes the whole scenario. The blog describes the physical keyboard as one of the productive features, and that is why the company has stuck to the same concept for so long.

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The feature gives the users confidence to type quickly using your thumbs with minimal errors. “BlackBerry is renowned for having the best keyboard experience in the industry, which allows our customers to write and respond to messages with amazing accuracy,” read the blog.

Giving an example, the blog cites writers who typed an entire book from their phone. “We caught up with three characters whose words you can believe: Each developed full-length literary works with palms of their hands,” read the blog.

Hassle-free experience

English journalist Geordie Greig almost wrote 80,000 words (equivalent to 270 pages of text) on his BlackBerry. When asked about his efforts, he said that he could not sit for long hours to write owing to other work. So, he just wrote whenever he got time. Greig also said that many people “were intrigued, not to say somewhat amazed, that I had chosen to write a book on my BlackBerry device.”

On being asked if typing on the device was in anyway uncomfortable, Greig replied that he was able to write “speedily” and “feel the same connection to the brain as when I held a pen.”

Separately, Fantasy writer Brett Restall has a similar tale. Working as an entrepreneur he could not afford much time, so he also started typing from on his BlackBerry, and completed almost 50 pages and uploaded them to the Publisher’s Desk.

Lastly, Doug Shuler wrote short storoes during his free time. He doesn’t have a laptop, so he shifted to a QWERTY phone instead and managed to finish three books on his Blackberry.

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