BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) QNX VP Saunders Plans To Move On

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) QNX VP Saunders Plans To Move On

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB)’s QNX Cloud Business division might go through some tough times as VP Alex Saunders decides to exit the company, and makes an informal announcement on his personal blog sharing his departure plans. Saunders informed through the blog that he would leave the Canadian firm before November 3.

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Will Saunders exit affect BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB)?

Though both the parties have given their best wishes to each other, but an important question is still left unanswered. Though Saunders association with BlackBerry is not too long, he has been working in the capacity of the head of QNX Cloud Business division since its inception nine months ago.

Saunders gives credit to his team for the hard work they have put in through the nine months. As many as 1,000 companies have shown their interest in the Project Ion. While it cannot be denied that the team has an important role to play, but the fact is Saunders departure will have a major impact on the division as the present time is very much crucial.

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BlackBerry is counting highly on the services division, hence if an important person like Saunders leaves at a time when the company is going through a turnaround phase it really means a big loss and major challenge for the company to find a replacement that can live up to the expectations set by Saunders.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) – Probable reason for the departure

Saunders departure from BlackBerry, also, indicates that there are a lot of tensions within the QNX team. It is also possible that the company’s CEO John Chen could have changed the priorities for the company. There is also a possibility that Saunders was looking for a change after his third stint with QNX.

The fact that there is still some time for Saunders to depart from BlackBerry indicates that he probably won’t be moving to any of the competitors of the Canadian firm. Saunders tweeted that after leaving BlackBerry, he would go for a short vacation and, “then I’ll be looking for my next adventure.”

The news of Saunders departing has been confirmed by BlackBerry. “We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours,” a spokesperson said. Saunders said that he is leaving with a “light heart,” and gives “best wishes for today’s BlackBerry team.”

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  1. If you really believe you are more capable than Mr.Chen, you might should publicize your resume to get support from Blackberry shareholders and BB lovers. Or, you can shut up and wait patiently for one year, as Mr.Chen said it would take 2 years to turnaround the company.

  2. well look who Thorsten was, and did you notice what happened? Now look who Chen is, notice how he approved of the Passport, now look at the Passport and tell me you think he really belongs there?? Who the hell care who I am, anything is better then what is currently going on. If I cannot give Blackberry exactly what it needs to win this smartphone war, than throw me out. If given a three month chance, with the authority of a executive of Blackberry, and I do not succeed (in which I know I will) I will never post another post again. I would be willing to work with Chen but on a equal basis, terms and condition would apply. My only intent is to save Blackberry, when my job is done I will leave Blackberry to enjoy their new found glory. Mr Chen I heard you state that “the passport is not intended to be a Iphone killer” the only reason you said that is because you don’t know how. Notice Apple learned how to be a Blackberry killer? It totally not impossible to do the same to them. Now Mr Chen are you ready to get started??

  3. NO its time for Chen to move on and me move in. LOL I see Kurt W. slamming Alex. well what about Blackberry’s CMO I see he is not doing much either, except getting paid. I have noticed you have not had one bad thing to say about Alex until now

  4. Devvv do you live to troll? The answer is yes. Man it is amazing how well you do is to find ways to bash BlackBerry overtly and subtly. The really amazing thing is how you claim not to be a troll. Move on dude.

  5. Alex Saunders biggest contribution to BlackBerry was making a cheesy music video. He failed miserably to get the App issue resolved when in charge of that. Not a big loss for BlackBerry or QNX. From what I saw following him on twitter was that he spent more time travelling and partying than he did actually getting deals done. As soon as he was reassigned away from managing Apps they got the Amazon deal done. No big loss…

  6. I suspected the reason for Alex’s departure was because of Chen. Could it be that Alex also believes he is doing things incorrectly?

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