BlackBerry Ltd To Unveil BBM Meeting For Enterprises Soon

BlackBerry Ltd To Unveil BBM Meeting For Enterprises Soon
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) has been working hard on upgrading its already popular BBM service over the last year, as the service is now available on Android, iOS and Windows.

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Meeting to further strengthen BBM

Recently, BBM was packed with another feature known as BBM Money, along with a focus on the enterprise market with BBM Protected, the company’s first eBBM Suite product. There are over 91 million active users using BBM now, and management did say a word or two about BBM Meetings during a conference call last June. A presentation revealed, “BBM Meetings empowers employees to be more collaborative and productive anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.” The app was set to be launched in September, but it did not.

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Recently John Sims, BlackBerry President for Global Enterprise Solutions, said in an interview with Jakarta Post that the company is still gearing up to release BBM Meetings with voice and video this year for its enterprise customers.

He stated, “We will [also] soon be launching something called BBM Meetings. It is a service that allows voice and video conferences for groups of about 25 people.”

BlackBerry Meeting to challenge bigger rivals

Sims said that in the beginning, the service will be launched for enterprise customers and then later expanded to the consumer market as well. Sims also said that it will be available on BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. Also it will be on tablets and have desktop versions too.

Sims said that BlackBerry is one of the best options for multiple usages, i.e., for corporate and personal use. He said that the owner could either use it for personal or corporate work, and this freedom and ease is offered by BlackBerry to its customers, which is known as the “Cop” model. BlackBerry devices are ideal for implementing the Cop model, and with BlackBerry Balance, the user can split the device into the work perimeter and the personal perimeter.

It was not clear that how BBM Meetings will connect with BlackBerry Blend, but for sure the company seems to be challenging the already-big players in the sector, such as Skype, GoToMeeting and WebEx.

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  1. re: you did not say in what way.

    Does Whatsapp offer voice and video?

    Who offers anything like Channels?

    Who keeps your phone number private and protects users from spam?

    Does Whatsapp or Line offer anything like eBBM?

  2. re: flooded the market place.

    If its so flooded how did they manage to grow their user base by 5%+ in the last quarter alone?

    I’ll answer that for you….its the most feature rich and high quality messaging app out there. With multiplatform voice and video it will continue growing.

  3. DEVVV how much does apple/blackberry shorts pay you? Dont you have anything else to do with your life then spread false rumors about this great company

  4. Blackberry offers share screen and bbm meetings let you vid conference up to 25 people at a time. No other platforms give you that. BTW BBM has been able to videochat and call for quite sometime now. In addition to that BBM money will let you transfer money–and we never have to worry about security breaches.

  5. there is several dozens of messaging apps that offer both voice and video. Why is Blackberry so late in entering this arena? This is nothing new that already has flooded the market place.

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