Apple iPad Air 2 Release Date Revealed [REPORT]

According to MacRumors, it would appear that the new product will be available on Friday, October 24. The site does not specify what specific product is going to be released, but the tech world has long suspected an impending release of the upcoming iPad. The model being shipped could be the iPad Air 2, the Retina iPad mini 2, or both, according to the site.

Consistent strategy

All signs point to an impending release, following Apple’s usual timeline of releasing the product a little over a week after introducing it. This time last year, Apple unveiled the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini on October 22, and the iPad air was launched on November 1, followed by the Retina iPad mini a few weeks after. Its release was delayed due to supply problems.

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Following this pattern, it has been speculated that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will announce its new iPad Air 2, and perhaps an updated Retina iPad mini on Thursday. The target launch date has been predicted as October 24.

The tech giant has so far remained tight lipped on the possibility of pre-ordering the new products. If it is possible to place pre-orders, then it has been predicted that the order period will start soon after the media event to allow for delivery on launch day.

Apple iPad Air 2 specifications and speculation

Tech blogs have been ruminating on the expected specifications of the iPad 6 for a long time. Selected rumors include improvements to the screen, improved design features, and beefier RAM.

PC Advisor expects the new model to retain the 9.7 inch display as its predecessor, but possibly with “a new lighter and thinner IGZO screen for higher reaction speed in addition to improved power efficiency.”

The site goes on to state that it expects the new iPad to be even thinner and lighter than before, in response to market rivals Samsung and Sony’s latest releases, which beat the iPad on both counts.