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Twitter Inc CEO Made A Witty Reply To Iranian President’s Tweet

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) CEO Dick Costolo tweeted a befitting reply to Iran’s President Hasan Rouhani, who has been active on Twitter since he arrived in New York for an annual United Nations General Assembly.  Dick Costolo is using Twitter from 2010, but interestingly his account remained unverified for long until now.

No reply yet from president

Roughani tweeted about an agreement citing that it would carry a global message, and conflict can be resolved through negotiations.

@HassanRouhani  Mr. President, enjoying your Tweets from the UN. We would love the Iranian people to enjoy them as well. When will that be?— dick costolo (@dickc) September 25, 2014”

Costolo replied that he is enjoying president’s tweet from the U.N. and would love if Iranian people also enjoyed it asking when such a day would come? Costolo just repeated the idea that has been discussed by many in the past, as well. Last year in October, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey asked Rouhani if his own country could read the messages.

Dick Costolo has not just casually echoed his idea, but has reflected his company’s business interests in Iran. Till now, no response has been registered on Twitter from Rouhani, which reflects how hard it is to reply to such a tweet.

Costolo Twitter account now verified

Twitter is banned in Hasan Rouhani’s home country i.e. Iran. The micro-blogging site has been blocked in the country since 2009, but many top notch officials including Rouhani and Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei use the platform to tweet messages in English.

Iranians have to look for other alternatives or have to breach the State’s Internet filtering system to access Twitter and Facebook as both the popular websites are banned in the Islamic Republic.

Recently, Costolo entered the list of Verified users with an iconic blue badge with a tick beneath it. Back in 2012, when Costolo was asked that why he is now verified, he replied, “To everybody repeatedly asking why I’m not verified if I’m the CEO: I am verified in my own mind, and Mom said that’s all that matters.”

Twitter has become an alternative for users across the web to reflect their ideas and opinion on issues that interest them. The website does not want to confine itself and rather expand and offer more to the users, and testing “Buy” button is a step ahead in the direction.