September Third Point Reinsurance Ltd. Investor Presentation

September Third Point Reinsurance Ltd. Investor Presentation

A short investor presentation from Dan Loeb’s Third Point Reinsurance, nothing too exciting, but it sheds some light on Loeb’s investments, the re-insurer and readers usually like the slides so enjoy (see returns through August 2014 here).

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  • Third Point LLC owned and led by Daniel S. Loeb


  • 21.1% net annualized returns since inception in 19955


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  • Risk-adjusted returns driven by superior security selection and lower volatility
  • Exclusive relationship through 2016, followed by successive 3-year terms on renewal


  • Investments are managed on substantially the same basis as the main Third Point LLC hedge funds


  • We pay the standard 2% management fee and 20% performance allocation. The performance allocation is subject to a standard high water mark




  • Restrictions on leverage, position concentrations and illiquid, private investments


  • Key man and performance termination provisions


  • Allowed to diversify portfolio to address concerns of A.M. Best or regulator(s)




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