Scotland Independence Referendum: Vote Begins

Scotland is at the center of the world stage today as voters there decide on whether they want independence from the U.K. It’s been two years since supporters of Scottish independence began campaigning, and now pollsters say it’s just too close to call which way the vote will go, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Scotland Independence Referendum: Vote Begins

Impossible to predict the outcome in Scotland

The majority of polls showed that the vote could result in Scotland remaining part of the U.K. with most voting “no.” However, there have been signs that the “yes” side has been rapidly gaining support. Also pollsters believe thousands of Scotland residents won’t decide which way to vote until they’re actually standing in front of the ballot.

The polls opened at 7 a.m. U.K. time (2 a.m. Eastern) and close at 10 p.m. (5 p.m. Eastern). One pollster firm, YouGov, said its latest survey indicated that support to remain part of the U.K. was slightly head of support for Scottish independence. According to that survey, 49% of participants supported remaining part of the U.K., while 45% supported independence and the rest remained undecided

Officials expect over 4 million Scots to cast their ballots all over the country.

Social media alive with views on Scotland’s independence

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users in Scotland posted their views and shared news on the topic. There’s apparently a rally in support of Scotland’s independence “in the suburbs,” according to Twitter user Right Now I/O Feed.


Even Twitter users from other parts of the world shared their views on the referendum in Scotland.