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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Features, Specs And Price

With the iPhone 6 now well and truly in the public domain, attention will now turn to Apple’s big rival Samsung to see what they can deliver in response. And one of the most interesting devices in the pipeline for the Korean manufacturer is the Galaxy Note Edge, which partially incorporates some of the curved aesthetics which Samsung has recently promoted in its range of high-end televisions.

This will unquestionably be a big release for Samsung, as the Korean electronics giant is evidently attempting to make this a prestigious item. A curved smartphone – even if it is only the edges of the device which feature this design parameter – is a new concept for the mass market, and one clearly intended to improve the perception of Samsung’s design parameters.

If one thing has held Samsung back in terms of challenging Apple more strongly to become the world’s biggest seller of mobile products, it is the quality of design in the Galaxy range. The feeling persists that the Galaxy range is a little crude in design and feel compared to the exalted iPhone series. Thus, it will be up to the Galaxy Note Edge to play some part in reversing this common perception.

So what can we expect from the Galaxy Note Edge when it hits the stores sometime in October? Here is a rundown on the information we have about this critical phablet release thus far.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Dimensions and weight

The Galaxy Note Edge is very marginally heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus, which will be its most obvious competitor. But the difference is so negligible as to be meaningless; the Galaxy is in fact but a mere 2g heavier than its Apple rival. In terms of dimensions, the two devices are also very similar, although the iPhone 6 Plus is effectively longer and thinner in terms of width. It is also reasonable to assume that’s the iPhone 6 will be slimmer than the Galaxy based on previous tablets released by Samsung in its Galaxy range.


The display quality of Samsung devices has been a selling point for sometime. This seems to be an extremely sensible policy on behalf of the Korean company, as it is so obviously associated with producing high-quality panels for its extremely popular range of television sets.

Thus, one can expect the Galaxy to have an exceptional screen. And indeed, it is being driven by the Quad HD Super AMOLED Technology which has been so praised in other Samsung devices. This means that the screen will exceed full HD in quality, and have a similar resolution to such premium devices as the Apple MacBook Pro laptop. The Galaxy Note Edge will thus be capable of displaying 2,560 × 1,440 pixels.

Other Super AMOLED Devices have been very well received by both the critical community and the technology buying public, so this bodes extremely well for this forthcoming phablet. Additionally, the display will be marginally bigger than that of the iPhone 6 Plus, although it hard to imagine that 0.1 inches will make much of a difference.


Samsung has armed the Galaxy Note Edge with an extremely powerful 2.7 GHz Quad Core processor. This will enable the device to compete favorably with virtually any smartphone on the market, although it must be said in mitigation that the Apple policy of optimizing software that it has produced itself does deliver exceptional results in the iPhone series.

Memory and Storage

In line with recent Galaxy releases, this distinctive phablet will be fitted with 3GB of RAM to back up its strong processing power. However, it could be argued that the Galaxy is a little light on storage, given that its internal memory only amounts to 32GB. It does support micro-SD, which will enable users to beef the device up to 64GB, but Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus still offers significantly more storage.


Samsung has often emphasized functionality related to cameras when unveiling and promoting a particular mobile device to the general public. We sell this very explicitly with the Galaxy S5 smartphone, which was unveiled via a presentation which strongly lauded its photographic capabilities

However, despite the fact that the raw specifications of the Galaxy device are often impressive, real-world testing carried out by reviewers has frequently indicated that Apple’s iPhone series in fact outperforms the Galaxy range in this department. So despite the fact that the Galaxy has an extremely impressive 16-megapixel rear camera, and a pretty nifty 3.7-megapixel front camera, the proof will be very much in the pudding regarding whether Samsung has delivered a snapper which is a true iPhone beater.


Samsung claim that the battery fitted in the Galaxy Note Edge will be particularly fast charging, and that its battery life will be extremely competitive against the iPhone range. It is easy to believe this given that Apple has been quite frequently criticized for failing to deliver decent battery life in its mobile devices. Thus, the 3000mAh battery fitted in the Galaxy Note Edge could deliver a lifespan which will impress consumers.


Samsung has already very much indicated that this device will be a limited edition handset aimed at people who particularly fall in love with the concept. There has been no official word from Samsung on precisely what price point this device will command, but early indications based on pre-order Internet listings from Europe are that the device will retail for around $1,000.