PlayStation 4, Xbox One In Gold Can Be Yours For Just $13.7K

It’s good be different sometimes and I understand while some gamers would be interested in spending a little bit more in order to see their Xbox One or Playstation 4 delivered in, say, white. Sunset Overdrive has released a few different bundles of these next-gen consoles packaged with a game that it made in white or given a little alteration to its appearance in order for gamers to feel unique.

Playstation 4 in Gold

However, Gatti Luxury Lab, has taken it a step further by offering a brand new color to both consoles…gold. And it’s actually made of real rose gold in the modification process and it will certainly stand out if you have other gamers around to your house to play games on these new consoles. But the price tag might prove a bit off-putting for many customers as having it plated by the Gatti Luxury Lab will run you $13,699.

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Gatti has long boasted the epitome of making everyday items stand out with their designs. Their website explains to whom they are working with and for:

Gatti creates masterpieces out of your dreams and desires. Whatever the challenge may be we will exceed your expectations. From classic luxurious objects such as one off watch or jewelry to the most unusual request we fix no limit for our client’s creations. The world-renowned Italian creativity and competence enable us to offer the best customize luxury objects in the world. The world-renowned Italian artistry and competence combines with the finest material such as gold, diamonds, leather and wood, mother of pearl to create masterpieces with endless passion.

It does look nice

I’ll be the first to admit it, it looks sharp but is a touch outside my price range, at least until late November when Grand Theft Auto 5 is released to these two systems.

While I would look to charity perhaps before opting for a near $14,000 Playstation, it’s tough to spend billions if you’re fortunate enough to have billions. And if you have billions, you’ll hardly notice $13,700 being used on video games.