Logitech Unveils Series Of Remotes And Apps For Smarthomes

Presumably, the first remote control you owned was used to control you television or perhaps your garage door. Then in no specific order you started finding that you were a remote collector as your stereo, VCR (remember those?), DVD Player, game console and cable boxes all followed with remotes of your own. Perhaps, you’re also like hundreds of millions who then embraced the universal remote in an effort to consolidate or just spend considerably less money on batteries.

Logitech Unveils Series Of Remotes And Apps For Smarthomes

Logitech’s 3 systems to meet your needs

Earlier today, Logitech International SA (NASDAQ:LOGI) (SWX:LOGN) essentially said that you’re not even close to finished but that they are there to ease you into the “smart home” revolution where you will be able to control nearly every aspect of your home remotely.

Whether its to start your coffee maker, control lights and even your blinds, thermostats or appliances, Logitech promises to be there with its Harmony system which is designed to work with products from Nest, Philips, Sonos, Schlage, Lutron, Honeywell, Sylvania, SmartThings and others.

The Harmony system, for now, is comprised of three packages with each having its own price.

Beginning at $100, Logitech is offering the Harmony Home Hub which does not have a physical remote but rather it’s an app for both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones working in conjunction with the Hub by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RF and IR.

For $50 more at $150, Logitech is offering the Harmony Home Control package which pairs the Hub with a universal remote with over 40 buttons many of which are programmable and able to cater to your individual needs with a traditional rubber remote.

The top of the line

Lastly, the top of the line is the $350 Harmony Ultimate Home setup which pairs the Home Hub with a remote that offers over 20 buttons but also a 2.4-inch touchscreen in full color. Using RF for the last two options, users will be able to hide the Hub and connect to it within 30 feet of the device.

Each will go on sale later this month with Best Buy planning to offer a $100 trade-in for old remotes on the $350 Harmony Ultimate Home combo.

The company is exited and believes the system will be a success. “Our customers are very much early adopters,” said Chad Thompson, a Logitech spokesman.