Is Netflix, Inc. Phasing Out DVDs Business?


Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) may be phasing out DVDs, suggest rumors. DVDs customers have long been complaining online about the delay in the shipping service. Users believe that the company is gradually phasing out the DVDs segment.

Many complaints against Netflix

Users expressed their frustrations that they had been waiting for an awful long-time for a number of DVDs. There seems to be no reasons for the delay as subscribers are witnessing “very long wait” for all types of movies; be it classics, new releases and obscure films or any other. Apart from the delay in shipping, users are also complaining about their complaints being ignored by the Netflix. As per the users, they are not getting any satisfactory answers to their complaints regarding the delay in shipping.

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Some of the users reported the site is showing “Very Long Wait,” for all titles, but Netflix admitted that it was a mistake, and the issue was later resolved, says a report from Huffington Post.

No clear logic behind delay

One of the subscribers sent a screen shot to Huffington Post pointing that the majority of the titles that he has been waiting for are “a mix of classics and second- or third-rate movies that people can’t be clamoring for that much.”

Another user informs that though the customer care is kind and polite, they “seem to just blow the proverbial hot air up the rear chute,” and added that if the issue is not resolved then they might have to go back to the video store.

One more user question the logic behind the shortages as there is no clear trend as to which types of titles are out of stock. The user further informs that they demanded for the Friends season, but were informed that there is ‘Very long wait’ for Season 2 Disc 1, Season 3 Disc 3, Season 4 Disc 4, “but none of the other ones in between.”

As of now, Netflix has not revealed anything on phasing out DVDs or regarding the consumer complaints. On Tuesday, shares of the streaming firm were up 0.25% at $443.90. Year to date, shares are up around 21%.