iPhone 6 In A Drop Test: Put A Cover On It!

The general public finally got their hands on the iPhone 6 on Friday. Reviewers said earlier this week that the smartphone is extremely slippery and recommended putting a case on it. But just how bad will the damage be if you happen to drop it? PhoneBuff decided to find out.

iPhone 6 drop test

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 didn’t do well upon being dropped. PhoneBuff tried tossing them on the floor on their screens, backs and sides. Of course when dropped with the screen down, it cracked. The display was intact when they dropped it on the phone’s back or side, however.

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The iPhone 6 Plus did not fare as well as its smaller sibling, however, as the display cracked no matter which way it was dropped. This isn’t much of a surprise though because phablets have always been more prone to cracked screens because of how large those screens are.

The initial reaction from reviewers who got their hands on the iPhone 6 early was that the new design made it very slippery. As this drop test shows, it’s again very important to protect the smartphone using some sort of case. A case that adds some amount of grip to the phone is definitely recommended for those who want to help their iPhone 6 avoid the fate of the phones that are seen in the drop test video.

iPhone 6 slams into the concrete

Jack Cooksey of Perth, Australia was one of the first in the world to get his hands on the iPhone 6, and what did he do? He dropped it, right on hard concrete. Maybe he felt the need to perform his own drop test.

Of course the video of the poor guy is quickly making the rounds of the internet. He’s clearly so excited to unbox his new iPhone 6 that the thing just pops right out of the box. Thankfully for him, the phone appeared to have made it through the debacle unscathed.