iOS 8 Crashes Much More Often Than iOS 7.1: Study

Apps running on iOS 8 apparently crash 78% more often than those running on the previous version of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s mobile operating system. That’s according to a study conducted by Crittercism (as reported by BGR).

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App crash rates rise for iOS 8

In conducting their study, the folks at Crittercism analyzed data from over 1 billion monthly active mobile users. The company said it looked at data between Sept. 17 and 22. They found that the app crash rate across all devices that are currently on iOS 8 was at 3.56%.

On the same devices that were running iOS 7.1, they found that the app crash rate was 2%. Interestingly, however, that’s a slight increase from March, when the app crash rate on iOS 7.1 was 1.6%.

iOS 8 runs worse on older devices

Unsurprisingly, iOS 8 is harder on older devices than newer ones. Crittercism said that as of Sept. 22, the iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S (and the iPhone 4, although it doesn’t run iOS 8) had a crash rate of 3.57% for their apps. The company reported that apps on the iPhone 6 crashed 2.63% of the time, while apps on the iPhone 6 Plus crashed 2.11% of the time.

Crittercism also estimated adoption of Apple’s newest mobile operating system. They put it at 20.06% as of the same date. However, Apple itself reported a much higher 46% iOS 8 adoption rate as of Sept. 22.

Reported problems with iOS 8

Since iOS 8 was pushed out, users have been reporting many problems with it. Of course the usual suspects like battery drain popped up on Apple’s support forums. Users also reported a lot of problems with the Wi-Fi on their iDevices after upgrading to iOS 8. Of course it usually is the older devices that are being affected, although even last year’s iPad Air seems prone to problems.

Overall performance issues were also reported, and some iPad users reported sound issues with the new version of the operating system. Some users said sound entirely disappeared from games and apps, although it remained with YouTube and music.

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