Move Over New York, New Report Suggests Idaho Has The Rudest Drivers


That’s right it’s not New York, in fact New York is third in a new report that ranks the nation’s rudest drivers. That’s about where I would rand their sports fans by city, third worst. And that’s a mild third after the scumbag sports fans of Philadelphia and Boston.

What came as a bit of a surprise for many who read’s survey of the rudest nation’s rudest drivers was the fact that it was Idaho who found themselves in the pole-position. Yes, Idaho a state with a population of, well, not very many people. In fact, Idaho doesn’t even have the population of either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Apparently, the Gem State is not at all a statement about its drivers personalities at all.

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Rudest Drivers: Congratulations…Idaho?

One would think it would be traffic or congestion that put states at the top of the list but surely that’s not a problem in Idaho is it?

“The roadways of Idaho present a dichotomy of drivers: Those who are moving so slowly that they’re judged to be rude, and the aggressive drivers who speed around them and flip them off,” said. “Together, with their opposite yet equally vexing styles of driving, they push Idaho to the top of the rankings.”

Apparently a number of Idaho denizens drive well below the speed limit, something that clearly bothers militia members running late to a survivalist meeting.

Washington, D.C., while not a state, honked their into second place due to their “self-serving, abrasive and unsafe” driving according to the survey.

Rudest Drivers: Not you too Wyoming?

Rounding out the top five, New York found themselves in third followed by Wyoming and Massachusetts. Really? Wyoming? You can fit 25% of the whole state’s population into the University of Michigan’s college football station. And it’s not a little state. Something must be going on with this survey.

“Casting aspersions toward other drivers is a long-standing tradition,” said Amy Danise, editorial director for, in a statement. “We wanted to know not only where the rude drivers come from, but also who thinks they’re rude.”

Ah, that must be it. Despite the surprises it just goes to show if you want courteous drivers you need to go to North Dakota (the least rude), god knows there is no other reason to be there.