Harvest Supermoon: One of the Most Photogenic Full Moons

Harvest Supermoon: One of the Most Photogenic Full Moons

This year’s supermoon trilogy ended Monday night, saying farewell to summer. The full Harvest moon lit up the sky on Monday, reaching its full phase at 9:38 p.m. ET. Full moons were also observed in July and August. But Monday’s supermoon was special. It was a Harvest moon because it was the one nearest to the Northern Hemisphere’s September equinox this year. Though Harvest moon is usually associated with autumn, this time it was the last full moon of the summer season.

Myth about Harvest moon

Many believe the bright Harvest moon provides farmers with extra moonlit evenings, helping them reap their crops late into the evening. A common myth about the Harvest moon is that it remains longer in the night sky than other full moons. The reality is entirely different. The moon normally rises 50 minutes later each day. But the Harvest moon rises just a little later each night, giving extra moonlit evenings. Bob Berman of Slooh Virtual Observatory said in a statement that the Harvest moon was the year’s most famous full moon. But it’s “bathed in misconception and myth.”

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