Guy On Scooter Snatches iPhone 6 During TV Interview

Guy On Scooter Snatches iPhone 6 During TV Interview
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Most people who want Apple’s latest iPhone 6 will happily wait in line at an Apple retail store to purchase the new device. However, there are a few people that who use illegal tactics to obtain the popular smartphone.

iPhone 6 snatched: A random theft or a prank?

In the Netherlands, a crew from a local television station called SBS6 was busy filming the phone’s launch at Amesterdam’s Apple Store. One guy on a scooter comes up and snatches the phone from the guy who is being interviewed.

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The man in the interview was from a website called This was the same team that glued a fake iPhone 5 to the sidewalk two years ago and filmed the prank. Fortunately, the phone in the video was fake and a prank was planned. However, one opportunist took the liberty to seize the device. Given the website’s history of pranks, this latest prank could have been a promotional opportunity. If it wasn’t, the thief was tricked with a fake smartphone.

iPhone 6 highlights

In other iPhone related news, Apple’s latest smartphone is still considered new. However many have already formed opinions on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Most of those opinions agree that the iPhone 6 is Apple’s best work yet, but that doesn’t mean the new phone is without flaws.

According to a report from CNN Money, the highlights of the new phone include rounded edges, improved camera, TouchID, iOS 8, and a sharp looking display. The rounded edges that bode well with the thin and light design. Although the camera sticks out and may look a little strange compared to previous iPhones, this model’s camera creates clear photos nearly every time.

The iPhone also has an amazing display that is noticable sharper. Although some have complained about the new fingerprint sensors, but it’s still very convenient and accurate. It simplifies the entire online shopping experience.

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