Google Hangouts Updated With Voice Integrations And Free VoIP

Google Hangouts Updated With Voice Integrations And Free VoIP
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just updated Hangouts by integrating Google Voice. This means users will be able to send messages, video chat, and call others all from one central app which is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Google hangouts gets voice

The best thing about this means users can call their friends and family members in the United States and Canada for free. International rates still cost but it’s still cheap. For instance, calls to Mexico will only cost $0.05 which is far cheaper than $0.28 for a regular phone call. Calls to France start at just $0.03 a minute and calls to India start at just $0.01 a minute, calls from leading competitors start a $0.20 a minute and $0.03 a minute respectively.

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The updated version of Hangouts will roll out to users within the next few days. Android users will have to install an additional dialer to turn on the voice calls. Before this update, Google Hangouts was primarily about video chats but this update ads another option for users to communicate with one another.

A look at Google’s messenger service

Google Hangouts and Google+ are essentially the search giant’s version of social media. The internet has become the primary medium people use to communicate. Although social giants Facebook and Twitter clearly dominate the scene with perennially popular websites everyone uses. But it is still a good idea to offer a viable alternative people can use, something that is also different enough to keep the interest of users.

Google Hangouts is essentially Google’s version of an instant messaging service. It brings conversations and chat sessions to life with a variety of features including photo sharing and emojis. This latest update will provide an excellent alternative to expensive phone calls and it will certainly appeal to those who like to make frequent phone calls.


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